Triadic Philosophy Commentary - Truth Is Reality

Triadic Philosophy asserts that everything we can know is 
both explained by and located within Reality
and that we know by thinking in threes
and that the fundamental triad is
Reality Ethics and Aesthetics


Truth is Reality
The problem is that Reality is not merely
what we can measure and know and identify as fact
or as something approaching a complete and received thought
Reality is also whatever it may be
beyond our capacity to comprehend it yet
If we are to speak of first things
we must see that truth itself is
at once identifiable
and beyond immediate comprehension
If one asks on what basis one designates Reality
true or factual
one can add up three strong inferences
and suggest they amount to a reasonable deduction
The inferences are that we individually are a universe
that there is a material universe 
that we know by our encounter with it
and that there is a beyond 
which encompasses what we do not 
or cannot know


So truth may be identified 
by agreement as to fact
which means that truth involves assent
At the same time 
much that we take to be true
is nothing but supposition
Within Triadic Philosophy
the presence of Ethics
regards "truth" under the sign of non-idolatry
and applies the active values of
helpfulness democracy and tolerance
The third active experimental realm Aesthetics 
denotes action which 
in its winsome or unassuming nature
has a grace rarely present
when lies masquerade as truth

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