How to Change Everything and Retain the American Spirit

Changing the system is not as smart as actually changing
how we live
Within the present failed system

Here are the steps
Insist on and create car-free communities
Insist on and create education, commerce and recreation in such communities
Zoned for everything clean
So we can all walk to them
And be safe in them

Insist that such communities do as much as possible to be ecologically
and economically sustainable

I could go on but by now you are saying HOW???
This is where the one percent comes in
Someone in this group must start to see that the economic future is

We can change the system by framing what we want
What we actually want
To live as one people
In a functioning democracy

I never hear Cornel addressing this
Come on Cornel

We will not get by with binary thinking
Triadic progresses
It is always unfinished

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What Should The President Do With His Wall Street Money?

What Should The President Do With His Wall Street Money
Donate it to a PAC that will help Elizabeth Warren and her ilk
Do not accept it as part of his own reelection effort
If he did this and freed Bradley Manning and condemned the War on Deugs
I would be a happier camper than I am on the political front

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West and Moore Make Tracks on CSPAN Smiley Forum

It's on live as I write
I have had my reservations about all three
But Cornel in particular has a deeper rap than anyone today
And one with which I can wholeheartedly agree
Abba's Way is a more comprehensive rap but the same thing

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IBM would be well-advised to apply nanotechnology to construction of cities, homes and such

Smaller Magnetic Materials Push Boundaries of Nanotechnology - NYTimes.com: "SAN JOSE, Calif. — Researchers at I.B.M. have stored and retrieved digital 1s and 0s from an array of just 12 atoms, pushing the boundaries of the magnetic storage of information to the edge of what is possible."

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I am tired of seeing obvious applications. They world needs the unobvious yesterday.

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What makes for a nice voice, a not so nice voice

To whom it may concern what makes for a nice voice
A pleasant indication of  a good disposition
Proper volume - consideration for the hearer
Measured but not sing song of showy
Really putting the other(s) first
Capacity to move from the formal to the informal
A dollop of irony

To whom it may concern what makes for a not so nice voice
Speed beyond the considerate
Imperious qualities
Evidence of considerable cultural emulation
Know-it-all pushiness
A sense of impatience

Moral:  All voices are fine
It is how you speak that makes all the difference

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Will Campbell is one of the immortals

No one would diss humankind including himself more than Will
And it is precisely this non-idolatrous iconoclasm that creates a basis for saying one is an immortal
It takes a few other things and Will had them all in abundance
One writes in the poast tense only because the elements have taken away Will's capacity to do much more than smile at his nurses and a flow of visitors to where he is in Nashville
From 1960 until last summer Will and I were is almost constant contact
He was a hero of our struggle to exact reparations from the white denominations
He helped get Little Rock kids into school on a fatal day in the 1950s
He befriended the Klan
He walked the walk
Wheeling about now I think he achieves things gurus only dream about
Watch the video above

Nothing like a colonoscopy to make a day

Nothing like a colonoscopy to make a day
Going under for an hour so they can poke away
My mother had a spot of c which mandated the test
Best advice is take the day off and afterwards rest

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If Abba had to select a key, I wonder if it was D (Video)

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Interesting - time as an aspect of nature

PIRSA - Perimeter Institute Recorded Seminar Archive: "Abstract: The history of physics, from Galileo's spatialization of time to Einstein's block universe, and on to Julian Barbour's timeless quantum cosmology, tells a story by which time is demoted from a fundamental aspect of experience to an emergent illusion in a world held to be fundamentally timeless. The question I would like to address is, is this correct, or will the next stage in the development of physics require a rediscovery of time as a primary aspect of nature?"

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If nature means reality as we can perceive it time is most certainly related to it because reality as we know it exists within chronological time. Notions of timelessness are fatuous. Notions of eternity refer to states which are attainable by anyone who reflects on reality. The fact that one can hypothesize eternity does not trump chronology. If we understood this we might be better able to factor ontological values into our philosophies. Thus far we have barely begun to contemplate the implication of the proposition that we are all human beings living by our values in a reality which is chronological - meaning we are all the agents of history.

Does Anyone in the US or Israel Understand the Word Karma?

Karma is the golden rule of consequences
It is what is stored up for later reprisal
It is as close to a law as anything in science
Virtually all violence has a karmic component
Save that which rises from the twin dangers of power and fear

The breaker of the karmic destiny is Jesus
Among others
He counsels reconciliation
And peaceful resolution of conflict
He is the author of the statement that a house divided
cannot stand

Israel and the US are putting all of us in danger when they confront Iran
With acts that are not merely provocative but karmic
Iran provokes in return
At the end lies nuclear confrontation
Every act we take ensures Iran will only work harder
To create a nuclear weapon
If we are concerned for our grandchildren

The answer
An emergency global disarmament conference now

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