South Carolina Will Test Money Politics

I  think Newt and Mitt are running even up the hill
Iowa just showed millions have the power to kill
Now millions balance millions so the field is flat
If Romney loses what will Karl Rove make of that

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Six Agencies Turned into One

President Barack Obama Proposes Merging Agencies - WSJ.com: "Mr. Obama said the consolidation would make it easier for business to navigate the federal bureaucracy, putting several agencies whose primary goal is the promotion of U.S. business, both at home and abroad, under one roof. In this case, "six isn't better than one," Mr. Obama said at the White House."

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Seattle is doing MLK Day right

Living | Celebrations of MLK's legacy | Seattle Times Newspaper:

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Seattle is doing MLK Day right
I never cottoned much to holidays
But this could turn a misanthrope
Into a paragon of praise

Obama Always Wanted to Shrink The Government

Obama Asks Congress for Powers to Trim Government - NYTimes.com:

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Obama always wanted to shrink the government
The heart of GOP ire at him is that he steals their thunder with impunity
Because he is in agreement with many of their goals
Intolerable that a Saul Alinsky radical would be so conservative
But then again Saul was best friends with the Chicago Archdiocese
Newt needs a slight mental tweak

Jeffrey and Sumner Targeted by Anonymous

Fighting Antipiracy Measure, Activist Group Posts Personal Information of Media Executives - NYTimes.com:

"The online activist group known as Anonymous, which has targeted opponents of the Occupy Wall Street movement and businesses that stopped providing services to WikiLeaks, has set its sights on a new adversary: media executives.

In protest of antipiracy legislation currently being considered by Congress, the group has posted online documents that reveal personal information about Jeffrey L. Bewkes, chairman and chief executive of Time Warner, and Sumner M. Redstone, who controls Viacom and the CBS Corporation. "

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Protestants and "Denominationalism"

Just a screenshot but you get the idea.

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