A big congratulations to the President for standing up on assault weapons!

REVISED 7/26/2012

Obama Talks Tough On Gun Control, Pushes Assault Weapons Ban - Business Insider http://buff.ly/PMp9JV

In addition I hope he speaks out on these two issues
He could allay the fear that we will have four more years of gridlock 
Both Democrats and Republicans have fed from the same trough
He can do this by highlighting those like Patty Murray who stand up for all
And working for a clear majority of progressives in both houses
He should say party makes no difference
Serving all does

We need a Wall Street that can no longer pull the strings
on the political process
Wall Street has turned its back on the President and he
should turn his back on Wall Street
Wall Street believes Romney will win
The President should work from the Elizabeth Warren playbook
He can say we need simpler regulations
but not no regulation at all

By adding these two emphases to his stump speech now
he can see how well they play when people start listening

Again, a big congratulations to the President for standing up on assault weapons!

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It took just five minutes

Manhattan Bully Wars (1947):

"And so it was that Philip, Wendell and Adam, on an autumn Saturday morning, climbed over a nearby stone-wall and crawled through a window they'd broken in a handsome Colonial cottage filled with stored furniture and bric-a-brac.

More breaking of glass ensued, along with kicking and throwing of chairs and tables and upsetting of larger items. The three boys laid waste to the room in near darkness. Save for the sounds of destruction, all was silence. It took just five minutes."

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Why do Obama supporters favor Gingrich?

Why do Obama supporters favor Gingrich
They want to see the President honestly debated
They think Mitt is useless for this purpose 
and cannot stomach the idea that he will be in our face for a whole year
Oddly enough I think Gingrich and Obama could create an area of bipartisan agreement
I now believe Gingrich will WIN South Carolina which will be
A knockdown if not a TKO
Yes I am an Obama supporter but most people like me have grievances
Let's put it this way 
I would like to see a real contest
Romney as nominee would condemn us to a year of obfuscation

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Klout. If I didn't want to influence things I wouldn't write a word.

Understanding Klout:

"Your Klout Score measures your online influence on a scale of 1 to 100

People have always had the power to influence others, and that power is being democratized with new social media tools. Klout's mission is to provide insights into everyone's influence.

We measure your influence based on your ability to drive action in social networks. We process this data on a daily basis to give you an updated Klout Score each morning."

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If I didn't want to influence things I wouldn't write a word.

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Jesus and Jim Jones was my first criticism of messianism

Amazon.com: Jesus and Jim Jones (9780829803730): Books:

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To make better places for children

'Just been handed copy of 1993 urban design manual containing piece on 'woonerf' (homezones) by Graham Paul Smith: "Children's rights in the highway have been eroded in a kind of inverse proportion to the rate of increase in car ownership and use. To make better places for children, or even for recreation space for all ages, the vehicle dominance of public space calls for a reconsideration of the limited range of uses regarded as lawful and legitimate in public space".

Cap Tip Alice

I shall insist to my dying day that the resolution of world problems hinges on reversing this dominance. We have a movement to get that done now but it has not penetrated the larger and determinative Occupy movement. It must and should. The illustration below surmises human settlements in which few if any vehicles exist. There is no reason that the separation and winnowing cannot occur save human slobhood which we should joyfully acknowledge, not seek to suppress. Acknowledging it, we can apply our minds to reckoning with it. This is what F. L. Wright failed to do when he thought every suburban family would gladly plant a veggie garden. We have grown up some. As in the present recycling of plastic and the elimination of cars from dominance of global design and economy. It is, mind you, a failing and doomed economy for many obvious reasons.

Why Charles Sanders Peirce Is Important Today

Charles Sanders Peirce is important today
Nominalism is losing its sway
Peirce understood signs and how they are real
And lead to a unity we can't conceal



A sign stands for something to the idea which it produces, or modifies.

Peirce's Arisbe: R. Marty's 76 DEFINITIONS OF THE SIGN BY C.S. PEIRCE: "61- C.P. 1-339 - unidentified fragment1.

The easiest of those which are of philosophical interest is the idea of a sign, or representation. A sign stands for something to the idea which it produces, or modifies. Or, it is a vehicle conveying into the mind something from without. That for which it stands is called its object; that which it conveys, its meaning; and the idea to which it gives rise, its interpretant. The object of representation can be nothing but a representation of which the first representation is the interpretant. But an endless series of representations, each representing the one behind it, may be conceived to have an absolute object at its limit. The meaning of a representation can be nothing but a representation. In fact, it is nothing but the representation itself conceived as stripped of irrelevant clothing. But this clothing never can be completely stripped off; it is only changed for something more diaphanous. So there is an infinite regression here. Finally, the interpretant is nothing but another representation to which the torch of truth is handed along; and as representation, it has its interpretant again. Lo, another infinite series."

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I take it to be part of Peirce's realism (opposing nominalism) that he takes the sign itself to be being or reality that is only defined by its interpretant,

A Sop To Cerberus - Charles Sanders Peirce

Commens Peirce Dictionary: Sign: ""I define a Sign as anything which is so determined by something else, called its Object, and so determines an effect upon a person, which effect I call its Interpretant, that the latter is thereby mediately determined by the former. My insertion of "upon a person" is a sop to Cerberus, because I despair of making my own broader conception understood." (A Letter to Lady Welby, SS 80-81, 1908)"

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A late stab at sign. The referenced page contains other stabs and leads to still others. It is part of a quite comprehensive Peirce glossary of many terms.

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