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Some ideas on privacy you may not like.

Some ideas on privacy you may not like.

1. Do not call does not work Do not track will not work. It is up to me to protect myself. I do not use the phone except in rare cases. Most invaders will not leave a message. I do not use my cell phone except in emergencies and do not give the number out.
2. We avoid debt like the plague. I always have even when all I had was a $129 unemployment check. We pay our card off immediately and call if the company is late with the bill.
3. Stand up for yourself but do not waste time with it. I have done admirable things Google and Facebook will never know or care about and other things I am ashamed of and repent of. I am normal in this respect. Few people would say different. But assume that even if people have all the info about you that is out there they will get it wrong. That is the state of reality. Let it roll off your back.
4. Mindfulness is the Lord's best gift to us when it comes to conduct of all sorts. Incidentally the good Lord is i…

America Judged By Four Virtues of Friedrich Nietzsche

America Judged By Four Virtues of Friedrich Nietzsche
These proposed virtues are drawn from Beyond Good and Evil.  Reference: What Nietzsche Really Said.  Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen M. Higgins, Shocken Books, NY (2000) p. 178

Courage - Courage in America has been endangered by an epidemic of bullying, not merely obvious cases of  physical abuse, but a general culture which threatens to drown out the meaning of courage which is standing up with dignity for values you hold dear if they are threatened.

Insight - Americans appear to have a good deal more insight individually than would be inferred from watching TV or being exposed to advertising. Typically insight is demeaned by these forces and we become prey to the temptation to conform to what we think is a norm.

Sympathy - Sympathy is perhaps the strongest American virtue. Responses to need. It strengthens the impulse to courage and can lead to deeper insight. To the extent that it looks beyond groups and embraces all people it is…

Updated Application of Aristotle's Virtues to Mitt Romney

Aristotle had a whole library of virtues so this is We apply each one to the character of Mitt Romney on a Scale of One to Ten. These ascriptions of virtue are drawn from What Nietzsche Really Said. Robert C. Solomon and Kathleen M. Higgins, Shocken Books, NY (2000) p. 178

Courage - 2 a massive decline. It was 4.Temperance - 2 an even more massive decline. It was 7.Liberality - 1 even more massive. It was also 7. Magnificence - 8 a jump from 6 due to more awareness of his opulence and the squeaky-cleanness of his trophy family and their relatively gaffe-free performanceJustice and truthfulness - We were unable to award anything on this. It broke the machine.Wittiness and friendliness - 4 unchanged. The wit is a bit sophomoric and the friendliness sometimes painful to watch, but we need to cut slack somewhere.Honor - On this biggest of all Aristotelian virtues, we are awarding a 1 out of charity. We honestly can see no reason to trust this man or even be aware of what in any situation …

Sarah Palin Endorses Newt Gingrich - Satire

This Romney is the worst. I shoulda endorsed Newt in Florida. This will have to do. We are talking making it hot for the NY-CDC axis. Cross hairs on steroids. Newt is our man. Fourth of July daily. Get with the program.
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Mildred Purse Casts A Spell on The GOP

Another word from Mildred Purse the doyenne of Beacon Hill

Hickory dickory dock Obama is cleaning your clock Your callous platitudes - your bilious attitudes - vaporized. That is a lock.  
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

John Boehner Contemplates His Options - Satire

I have decided to go cold turkey. Cut down on the booze. Stop sucking up to  the lobby boys. Stop golf vacations. Anything to keep that asshole Cantor from pushing me out. 
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Your Spotify Playlist - Name Songs Huey Long to Edith Wharton to Zorba

Huey Long, Augustine, Fanny, Billie Jean, Jim, Edith Wharton, King Tut,  John Henry, John, Sylvia, Pancho, Lefty, Willie, Woody, Zorba 
A Spotify Playlist

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes