Call me dumb but I do not agree with Rachel

Call me dumb but I do not agree with Rachel
Newt may have no chance but who's to say
Suppose he wins more delegates than Mitt
And gets more popular than yesterday

The global warming revolution from pole to pole and sea to sea

The global warming revolution from pole to pole and sea to sea
Steals up on us as we drive our cars but still and all we don't quite see
The global warming we deny
Might help set most of this world free

Yes ladies and gentlemen there is this matter of irony in history first discovered by Reinhold Niebuhr and substantiated by Jon Stewart and Tina Fay

For More On How The Oil Company's Diligence Is Abetting Revolution , Read On:

"Unfortunately, this could be just a taste of things to come because in the next few decades the build-up of greenhouse gases already in the atmosphere could greatly increase the risk of droughts, flooding, pest infestation and water scarcity for agriculture systems already under tremendous stress," he added. World food prices hit a record high last month, according to the United Nations. High food prices are adding to poverty and are a factor in triggering uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt which have spread across the Arab world. via High food prices a foretaste of climate shocks - Environment - IOL | Breaking News | South Africa News | World News | Sport | Business | Entertainment | IOL.co.za.

This prayer would work if everyone prayed it and meant it

Tomorrow may the sun rise on a world twice born
Based on a new economy
That builds on sun and wind and harnesses the power
Of mind to use the gifts God gives for free

Torture only works in the mind of torturers

Does Torture Work? How Illegal Interrogations Hurt the U.S. - The Daily Beast: "There's no way to know which lead is worth pursuing'"risking human life and limited resources '" and which should be disregarded. And by resorting to torture, experienced interrogators report, less truthful information can be produced than if traditional, lawful techniques were used. Results also come more slowly because detainees buckle down and resist."

Thus Andrea Prasow of Human Rights Watch. Indeed the entire military approach to terrorism is primitive. Sherlock Holmes is the model for countering terror. An approach which leaves the other side guessing, not rubbing its hands at the costs it has generated.

So much more could be done if people took a deep breath, looked beyond the box and used their own heads.

It would be bad for mortuaries though.

Abba within abhors all wickedness

Abba within abhors all wickedness

Evil disfigures all it sways

With but one breath Abba can transform it

Daily repent all wicked ways

Cable News Review

FOX is self-stroking lies most of the time - useless for truth
CNN seems either sclerotic or somehow wrapped in plastic
Current is iffy with Gov. Granholm better than I expected from her weird ad
And Keith the iffiest of all
CSPANs either interesting of deadly dull
Charlie Rose has the better guests as does Bill Moyers
MSNBC bounces among the same talking heads and the same guests and the same stories
Iffy like Current
PBS a bit blah
CNBC sort of FOX if managed by CNN
Democracy Now often interesting
BBC International sane and of some interest
All told not terrible but no sense of anyone having found a cutting edge for the future
The best advice is to branch out as Melissa Harris-Perry has urged to academics and other bright people to relieve us of predictable backscratching sessions

We live in frequent defiance of the weightier principles Jesus died to vindicate

Because human progress from the infantile level to the level of responsible autonomy to the level of transpersonal God-awareness and God-reliance is not a foregone conclusion
Because a provisional freedom to reject and distort and turn from the prophetic message exists
Because trust in God's all-sufficiency is hardly universal
The gathering around Jesus following the death and resurrection created an increasingly complex organization built on the premises that existed before Jesus came and proclaimed them false.
And so was created the basis for the historic churches within whose precincts creedal messianism held sway in general harmony with the principalities and powers -- including those of the empire that perceived the utility of such a doctrine -- and in frequent defiance of the weightier principles which Jesus died to vindicate

A Major Flaw in The New Gmail

The Send function at the top is not on the same bar with everything else and it is inacessable when wanting to send a short note. More than once I have mistakenly Archived a message I meant to send. Send shouold be on the same line with Archive.

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Boehner looks like he's walking the plank

Congress Votes to Extend Payroll Tax Cuts and Jobless Benefits - NYTimes.com:

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Look at this picture of John Boehner. Priceless. It looks as though he is stepping off a plank or a cliff. Sick transit politicks.

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A reminder of the tensions on the left

This was drafted a few months ago but seems still relevant.

Unions Cut Donations to Democrats - Some of the nation's largest labor unions are dramatically cutting their donations to the Democratic Party, saying they are frustrated with the Democrats for failing to put up strong resistance to Republican proposals that are opposed by labor, such as the efforts to eliminate collective-bargaining rights for public-sector workers.From a Daily Beast Email
This is great. Democrats need this wake up call. It is not that the unions are so clean and righteous, but that the callousness toward the hardest hit has been more evenly spread among the powerful than Democratic officeholders like to admit.

Naturally this gives rise to the fact that the Democrats are the only thing between us and the cliff beyond which lies the destruction of what we have left by the rapacious and callous and mentally-challenged GOP.

Therefore it behooves candidates of all parties to minimally support the President. I would vote for a GOP candidate who supported Obama. Why not? It does not matter. The President is a centrist who genuinely desires the best outcome and who experiments as we all must because no solution is perfect and some turn out to be stupid. Obama is the nation's best hope and electing Obama supporters in both parties is the only sensible course for 2012.

Good for The Unions Smack the Dems

Today's Blog Art

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New diet pill looms - am I nuts?

Diet Treatment, Already in Use, to Get F.D.A. Review - NYTimes.com: "LOS OSOS, Calif. — Next week, advisers to the Food and Drug Administration will recommend whether the agency should approve the first new prescription diet pill in 13 years."

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My diet prescriptions:

Calories in calories out

Self esteem


Cost: O

Effectiveness: 90 percent

Fear of flying rules

A deal between the Angels and Yankees involving Bobby Abreu and A.J. Burnett was nixed by Burnett. | yankees.com: News: "But the Angels were one of the teams on Burnett's no-trade list, and reports out of New York said the enigmatic right-hander declined to move west because his wife is afraid of flying. The Yankees, according to various publications, are still trying to work out a deal with the Pirates."

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Window on Guinea

Guinea: A Nation at the Crossroads | Human Rights Watch : "For 52 long years, the people of Guinea have really suffered from the effects of impunity and corruption. We have lived in darkness - no electricity, no water, no opportunities for our children. Those in power have ruined the lives of generation after generation. The families who lost their sons and daughters during the S©kou Tour© time, then in 2007, and again in 2009, have yet to finish crying. Those who have done this to us, to our country, must know that they can't continue on as before."

Human Rights Watch details massive human rights abuses which have left the country's citizens virtually stymied in the face of rampant mismanagement and callousness.

This bumps up against the impulse to democracy which is rising in individuals worldwide. There is also a new government in Guinea. These facts create an environment in which massive and needed change can begin to occur. We must focus attention. The link above will give you a full up-to-the-minute report on the country and its needs.

Can Guinea Alter The Behavior of An Oppressive State?

Bob Dylan's Union Sundown Spoke Truth When No One Listened

The advent of Dylan on Spotify gives me a chance to note particular Dylan songs. Union Sundown suggests to me three things.

Dylan saw the problem when it was emerging, long before now

Dylan's later songs are no less socially relevant than his early ones

Unions remain massively important but the context and content of union existence must be in synch with manufacturing that is keyed to the 21st century - where are our entrepreneurs 

Union Sundown on Spotify

Union Sundown Lyric

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NYT Skewers Rick Santorum Big Time

Small Thinking - NYTimes.com:

"Then, of course, come the spending cuts: $1 trillion a year for five years. He didn’t bother to list the hundreds of vital programs that would be devastated in the process. He had one easy prescription for any given safety-net program for the poor: “Cap it, cut it, freeze it, and block-grant it to the states.” And inevitably there was the call for far more domestic oil drilling.

But perhaps his most jarring assertion — especially in Michigan, which has suffered more than most from devastating unemployment — was that many people are deliberately staying out of the work force in order to luxuriate in their unemployment benefits."

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This is the time to say that in the past year the editorials in the NYT have a bit more bang to them. Good show.

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Every call you make will save the middle class money

Congress Will Auction Public Airwaves to Pay for Benefits - NYTimes.com:

"If a compromise bill completed Thursday by Congress is approved as expected by this weekend, the result will eventually be faster connections for smartphones, iPads and other data-hungry mobile devices. Their explosive popularity has overwhelmed the ability, particularly in big cities, for systems to quickly download maps, video games and movies.

The measure would be a rare instance of the government compensating private companies with the proceeds from an auction of public property — broadcast licenses — once given free."

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So we get to hear Newt for an hour?

Romney Bows Out of a Debate, and Others Follow - NYTimes.com: "A debate scheduled for March 1 in Atlanta was canceled after Mitt Romney’s campaign announced that the candidate had no plans to participate in the event being sponsored by CNN and the Georgia Republican Party. Two other candidates, Rick Santorum and Representative Ron Paul, quickly followed suit."

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Newt would be smart to accept and go to the debate and address the empty rostrums. I think this wouod add ten points to his sad poll figures.

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Religion makes an ass of itself with GOP help

Birth Control Coverage Rule Debated at House Hearing - NYTimes.com: "Lutheran and Baptist clergymen and an Orthodox rabbi joined a Roman Catholic bishop in telling lawmakers that Mr. Obama’s latest policy of shifting the responsibility for paying for the contraceptives from religious institutions to their health insurers was unworkable and did not allay concerns about government entanglement with religion."

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It's a good thing there is spirituality beyond institutions fighting to hang on in the world. This incursion aided by Issa was/is pathetic.

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Teacher evaluation coming to NY State

A Last-Minute Deal on Teacher Evaluations – SchoolBook:

"Half of that portion must be based on students’ test score growth from one year to the next.

For the other half, the agreement offers the roughly 700 school districts in the state some latitude. They could use test data to measure student achievement in some other way — say, the progress of specific groups of students, like those who are not proficient in English or have special needs. They also could devise their own tests, or use tests developed by a third party, provided that the tests were approved by the state."

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Wish we'd had that when I was in school!

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Anthony Shadid Great Person Great Journalist RIP (Videos)

Anthony Shadid, on the Scene - Video Feature - NYTimes.com:

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Allergy to horses may have been the cause of his fatal asthma attack in Syria. Humane, skilled, admirable.

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