I see the whole world burning

I see the whole world burning
Because we couldn't make the turn
All the time the prophets crying
We won't live if we don't learn

The GOP will cast high gas prices as a Carter reprise and try to crucify the President
The President must finally speak of a life beyond oil
A life beyond sprawl
A life beyond the economy of today
The other way lies the earthly flames of hell

What shall we say of Roger Ailes?

What shall we say of Roger Ailes
And his venal ways
Say nothing for all language fails
Just pray for better days


The tragedies unleashed by mindlessness

The tragedies unleashed by mindlessness
Defy Abba within without
The only antidote is penitence
And care about how things work out

Dylan's Girl from The Red River Shore

I am having fun with Spotify and Dylan
There is enough of Dylan there to cure me from hitting Expecting Rain to plumb the mass of the "unofficial" Dylan corpus.
I will post things I like here and guess that some who come by may not be aware of the songs.
I had never heard this.
This song appeals to me because I like the tune and sound.
And the lyric seems trademark Bob.
Let it be your story if ever you have had someone wonderful but long ago.

Red River Shore on Spotify

Lyric for Red River Shore

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

A Sarah Palin Soliloquy - Poesy

I am a natural
god how they love me
how easy to make it
step by step
even the pummeling I get moves me
from strength to strength

There's not a challenge I can't meet
or overcome
Why I can even be the President
over the objections of all the people
if I can just make nice to the right ones..

Oh god the gun
I love the gun
I love all sorts of guns
I do not like the world of women
flocking all around and
chattering and nattering
give me a gun
a moose
a promontory
virginal and sere
and I shall show you paradise
in a handful of Tweets.

But damn there is that itch in me
the itch that no one sees
the need not to be here for too long
the need to move the next thing
the cosmos at my feet and god
I just might end up being human after all.

Once this unhappiness is
in its cage

We all are reasoners from cradle to the grave

We all are reasoners from cradle to the grave
Our suppositions are not true until they're proved
And even then no truth is but a temporary fix
Pending addition of others to the mix

The future of the original Pattern Language

Ideas should not be claimed as property
Small minds attempt it and succeed
But ideas have a life beyond small minds
They germinate and grow new times to feed

Pattern language as originally enunciated has been seen as brilliant but undoable.  It needed a presentation that could allow it to implicitly blend with a high tech cyber approach to design of future settlements. It needed to be car free.

The original Pattern Language was beautifully presented on a usable site called downlode.org

But the original copyright holder evidently swooped down and downlode was forced to fold.

Well, the ideas of pattern language existed in a Platonic sphere long before Christopher Alexander set them down. And they will be elaborated as time goes on by persons not bound by the narrow dictates of those who took downlode down. It would be well if they relented so the world could have the benefit of thought that is now sequestered and largely unavailable.

The situation has not been helped by the appropriation of patten language by cyber-folk and applied to communications and such. 

I call this Infrastructure Avoidance. Beyond this and its original limitations, pattern language underlies the articulation of the cyber-community.

President Obama is a mile past anyone

Drafted a while back and I believe still relevant.

President Obama is a mile past anyone
When it comes to parsing what's in store
Obama thinks in threes not binary
And waits waits as things unfold while few can see

"The Best Revolutions are Completely Organic"

Discord Grows in Washington Over a Potential Role in the Libya Conflict - NYTimes.com Of most concern to the president himself, one high-level aide said, is the perception that the United States would once again be meddling in the Middle East, where it has overturned many a leader, including Saddam Hussein. Some critics of the United States in the region — as well as some leaders — have already claimed that a Western conspiracy is stoking the revolutions that have overtaken the Middle East. "He keeps reminding us that the best revolutions are completely organic," the senior official said, quoting the president. via Discord Grows in Washington Over a Potential Role in the Libya Conflict - NYTimes.com.

Catholics Protestants a dying breed

Catholics Protestants a dying breed

The world embraces secularity

Jesus did not plant religion's seed

His power grows as church's power recedes

Eventually I believe religions, shorn of their institutional identities, will share facilities and propound the values of tolerance, democracy, helpfulness and non-idolatry. aiding in the growth of a global spirituality.

He is clearly proposing government contraceptive use.

Leading GOP candidates wanted President Obama to let the U.S. auto industry melt down — Keeping GOP Honest: "“I called for a structured bankruptcy from the very beginning. Look, I opposed the Wall Street bailout, which of course was the funding source for the auto bailout. I was the only one up on that stage—between myself, Gingrich, and Romney—that did on principle oppose it, even though people were saying there could be a financial meltdown. The bottom line is, the greater meltdown over the long term for this country is having the government inject itself into the private sector in such a huge way. Allow the capitalist system to work, and that’s what I believe in.”"

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He is clearly proposing government contraceptive use. The speaker is Rick Santorum.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The Week Rubio Lost His Political Future

Rubio’s plan for contraception and women — Keeping GOP Honest: "Rubio’s bill is called the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 2012, and he claims it’s a “common-sense bill that simply says the government can’t force religious organizations to abandon the fundamental tenets of their faith because the government says so.”

But here’s the kicker: This bill would allow any organization to exempt themselves from the new rules, whether it’s a law office, retail store, or restaurant. So the only freedom it’s protecting is that of employers, and not the women employed by them who could be of any faith.

Here’s Rubio’s solution, in his bill, for the 99% women who use contraception; “If an employee wants birth control, that worker could simply pay for it themselves or just choose to work elsewhere.” That’s code for “You’re on your own.”"

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He almost got caught fudging family dates. Now he baldly steps forth with the most inept piece of legislation in a season of ineptitude. We have short memories but this will more than likely stick when it has been relegated to the ranks of failed initiatives.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Santorum The Slasher Save for The Rich

Santorum’s and Romney’s plans to help the wealthy over the middle class — AttackWatch: " Santorum’s plan would cut tax rates for some families with children. But as the Tax Policy Center notes, it would simultaneously slash funding for programs that assist these very same households. Not only would he freeze spending for social programs like Medicaid, housing subsidies, food stamps, education, and job training, but Santorum also commended congressional Republicans for passing their “cut, cap, and balance” legislation that would necessitate deep cuts in Social Security and Medicare without allowing for any tax increases."

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Beware the slasher is abroad. Actually Romney just just as bad.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Romney Is The King of All Earmarks

Romney took a record level of taxpayer money to run the 2002 Winter Olympic Games — Keeping GOP Honest: "Under Romney’s direction, these Olympic Games also took in more federal funding than any previous U.S. Olympics. While the federal government spent $75 million, mostly on safety and security, during the 1984 Los Angeles Summer Olympics and $609 million for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics, it paid out $1.3 billion for Romney’s Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002."

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Romney is hopelessly mired in contradiction and stretching himself to marry a bride that has vampire fangs.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Divisive Politicians

Politicians do not serve the people
When they sow division and conflict
No they stoke the flames of burning evil
And then deny the truth they lit the wick

Read The Sad Truth of Pete King's Illogic and His Sowing of Evil

Peter King undeterred by critics of Muslim trial - The Early Show - CBS News (CBS News) Rep. Peter King, the head of House Homeland Security Committee, begins a series of hearings Thursday on Islamic radicalism in the American Muslim community. King says the hearings are a matter of national security and is not deterred by critics who say the hearings amount to a witch hunt, unfairly singling out Muslims as potential extremists, CBS News correspondent Nancy Cordes reports. via Peter King undeterred by critics of Muslim trial - The Early Show - CBS News .

Drafted when Pete King was on a tear against Islam

Drafted when Pete King was on a tear against Islam

1. We can visit every mosque in America and say we believe in tolerance, democracy and helpfulness, three values that are not present in Pete King's mind, evidently.

2. We can write every newspaper and publish in every blog that our values are tolerance, democracy and helpfulness and that we believe that that all people have the same rights under Abba.

3. We can praise the US Islam community for its stellar work in helping our security effort against terrorism.

4. We can apologize for Pete King and indicate that we assume he will come to see, if he is honest with himself, that he committed a terribly sad error by appealing to the intolerance of Americans and casting aspersions, implicitly, on the entire Islamic community in America.

5. Every democratic rally in our country -- for we are now right in the middle of the democratic revolution sweeping the globe -- can have thirty seconds or a minute or silence to repent for the Pete King action and affirm our support for the Muslim community.

I am sure that there are many more excellent notions of how we can win over the histrionics and sad behavior of Pete King.

More on this Story

How Peter King's Muslim Hearings Help the Terrorists - The Daily Beast Rep. Peter King's hearings today on homegrown Muslim terrorists may not make him a McCarthy or a bigot, but the anxiety he's creating within the Muslim-American community will reduce future cooperation with law enforcement—and could help al Qaeda's recruitment. via How Peter King's Muslim Hearings Help the Terrorists - The Daily Beast.

If I was a billionaire I would do just like the other billionaires do

If I was a billionaire I would do just like the other billionaires do
Figure I deserve it and give some away if that seems smart to do
And pick up my awards for all of my philanthropy
And never lose a minute's sleep on things that I can't see

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Gallery: #1 Carlos Slim Helu Billionaires - Forbes.com 

News is never what is on the page

News is never what is on the page

It's the sign each person takes away

Actions as described only have power

As they elicit action then they sway

Unhinged Santorum Smiling Maniac

Santorum’s Gospel of Inequality - NYTimes.com: "Then again, Santorum is becoming increasingly unhinged in his public comments. Last week, he said that the president was arguing that Catholics would have to “hire women priests to comply with employment discrimination issues.”

Also last week, he suggested that liberals and the president were leading religious people into oppression and even beheadings. I kid you not. Santorum said: “They are taking faith and crushing it. Why? When you marginalize faith in America, when you remove the pillar of God-given rights, then what’s left is the French Revolution. What’s left is a government that gives you rights. What’s left are no unalienable rights. What’s left is a government that will tell you who you are, what you’ll do and when you’ll do it. What’s left in France became the guillotine.”"

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As he watches a copy-cat vigilante action video and says to the pusillanimous media, I didn't mean THAT. With a boyish shrug.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

A Tough Choice on Bird Flu Info

Research on Deadly Bird Flu to Be Published in Full - NYTimes.com: "Most of the group felt that any theoretical risk of the virus’s being used by terrorists was far outweighed by the “real and present danger” of similar flu viruses in the wild, and by the need to study them and freely share information that could help identify the exact changes that might signal that a virus is developing the ability to cause a pandemic, said Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, who represented the United States at the meeting."

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If a danger lurks and literature helps you locate and understand it, that is a good thing. If info empowers someone to formulate a devastating means of weaponizing an individual, not so good. It seems to me that some sort of gateway to the info is at least worth exploring. There cannot be too many helpful human beings with the skills needed to make positive use of the info. Get the info to scientists in a controlled way. Someone needs to discover a way to defeat the virus.

It is an anti-institutional time, folks

For Women Under 30, Most Births Occur Outside Marriage - NYTimes.com: "LORAIN, Ohio — It used to be called illegitimacy. Now it is the new normal. After steadily rising for five decades, the share of children born to unmarried women has crossed a threshold: more than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage."

The reason is that institutions have lost their foundation. Institutions are, at the root, meant to foster and embody values of tolerance, helpfulness. democracy and non-idolatry. Efforts to define marriage by these values run up against the actual values that surround and inhabit the institution - ownership and possession. Proof that children are better off with a two parents does not consider that the reason for this may be the collapse of extended communities exacerbated by our car-sprawl culture and economy. We are at the start of something very big and I think it relates to the transition from institutional religion to universal spirituality based on the ontological values I have named. I am married now but I feel my marriage manifests tolerance, helpfulness, democracy and non-idolatry. We need institutions but the ones we need do not exist quite yet. The current trend leads toward them.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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