Once Again I Say Mitt Is Not The Inevitable GOP Candidate

Once again I say Mitt Is not the inevitable GOP candidate
One of my pleasures is to have virtually no readers and do better than the rest of the media
Wrong at times sure
I am claiming nothing but the malfeasance of the media
Whose quest to be right leads to a crowd mentality
Romney is inevitable
Let's say he remains popular with one out of three
Worse than W
I do not think an Etch-o-Sketch will fix that
He may become the man who lost the nomination that he won 

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

The Confusion in Charles Sanders Peirce

If the way history is made is through willed values, those values were there before we were. They are ontological. I think the confusion in Peirce is his relegation of ethics to the aesthetic. Kierkegaard did a similar thing when he essentially sidelined the ethical. I muse that the semiotic realm is infused with ontological values (the foundation of ethics) and that history is made by the values we will. By our fruits we are known. Why is it I feel I understand Peirce when I have a dunce's capacity for math and science? It is because he fits in to my evolving understanding of how to see the world and particularly how to identify and deal with the nominalist binary consciousness that essentially has allowed us to arrive at the ethical morass we are in. This is the century when we have to advance out of that and achieve what Derrida called the unprecedented.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Why Willard Mitt Romney Will Finally Lose

UPDATE July 17, 2012 PM

Since this was written many months ago, the noose has tightened. Romney is guilty of terrible doings to build his fortune - including investments which did conscious and tangible harm. He will be forced either to put up or stagger forward, losing ignominiously.


1. Despite all his flip flops, he would aid and abet the Roberts Court, further damaging our democracy and making women prey to the reversal of Rove v Wade.

2. Despite his probable rejection of the worst of the Ryan One Percent Budget, he would steer the nation on the same W course that, with the Clinton complicity in repealing Glass-Steagall, precipitated the W meltdown.

3. The emptiness of his suit suggests that he would simply not be up to the reasoned consideration that has characterized the Obama stewardship of both our economy and our national security.

All of these reasons combine with the biggest reason of all - a Romney win would likely signal a Republican advance with all of the depredations that have characterized the governance of the states and the inaction and criminality of the GOP in the congress. This is banal, shabby, deleterious and otherwise not advisable. If the Koch PACS do not overwhelm us, and if we adopt the mantra one vote for every dollar the GOP throws at the President, we will defeat Romney and maybe jolt the sick GOP back to some approximation of sanity.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

I heard the cry of justice welling up from Broadway

I heard the cry of justice welling up from Broadway
And I thought of Occupy and Al Sharpton and activism
And wished the pain that I have had for two weeks now
Would relent enough so that I could don my hoodie
And go down and join the march
I join it now with words to all who likewise
Could not march
But whose hearts like mine are with the child
His parents
And with those who find in this the leverage we need to turn this country away 
From the vile poilitics that created a kaw
That permits murder with impunity
In Florida
A state whose residents I now pity
Since the number who have died in claimed self defense has
Tripled since the law was
Thanks Marco

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Willard Mitt Romney's Permanent Striptease Act

Romney's permanent striptease act
Each day a new truth is revealed
That they conflict - a minor fact
The empty suit is unconcealed

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

I find the new Gmail cumbersome

I find the new Gmail cumbersome
It seems to send I always need to scroll
Maybe they're smart and I am dumb
Maybe I'll go back to the old

Actually the old is cumbersome too, but I'd gotten used to it
You should be able to send from any point in the post
The send button should be more prominent graphically

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Angela Circulate Don't Strangulate

Angela circulate don't strangulate
Circulating money makes it grow
Make that your mantra and you'll do OK
Otherwise Europe is going to blow

By now everyone should know that the best investment of all is in the education of all who need it to advance in life. The worst solution to economic crisis is enforced austerity that humiliates and holds no promise of advance for anyone.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Universal exposure is an answer to piracy

Universal exposure is an answer to piracy
It's a part of the evolution we are all engaged in
Access of everyone to everything helps break down borders
Eventually all people will have the run of the globe

Charles Sanders Peirce - A Lucid Explanation of Thirds

Selections from C.S. Peirce, “A Guess at the Riddle”, CP 1.354–416


359. First and Second, Agent and Patient, Yes and No, are categories which enable us roughly to describe the facts of experience, and they satisfy the mind for a very long time. But at last they are found inadequate, and the Third is the conception which is then called for. The Third is that which bridges over the chasm between the absolute first and last, and brings them into relationship.

We are told that every science has its Qualitative and its Quantitative stage; now its qualitative stage is when dual distinctions,— whether a given subject has a given predicate or not,— suffice; the quantitative stage comes when, no longer content with such rough distinctions, we require to insert a possible half-way between every two possible conditions of the subject in regard to its possession of the quality indicated by the predicate.

Ancient mechanics recognized forces as causes which produced motions as their immediate effects, looking no further than the essentially dual relation of cause and effect. That is why it could make no progress with dynamics. The work of Galileo and his successors lay in showing that forces are accelerations by which a state of velocity is gradually brought about. The words cause and effect still linger, but the old conceptions have been dropped from mechanical philosophy; for the fact now known is that in certain relative positions bodies undergo certain accelerations.

Now an acceleration, instead of being like a velocity a relation between two successive positions, is a relation between three; so that the new doctrine has consisted in the suitable introduction of the conception of Threeness. On this idea, the whole of modern physics is built.

The superiority of modern geometry, too, has certainly been due to nothing so much as to the bridging over of the innumerable distinct cases with which the ancient science was encumbered; and we may go so far as to say that all the great steps in the method of science in every department have consisted in bringing into relation cases previously discrete.


— Charles S. Peirce, “A Guess at the Riddle”, MS 909 (1887–88).

• First published in CP 1.354–416. Reprinted in EP1, 245–279.

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