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(16) Will Facebook ever become a TV network? - Quora: "Since we are being far-fetched, how about everyone becoming a network in which case the content is the performance and Facebook or other SNs are the places where audiences gather. I see this as less contrived than reality TV. I am not sure what I mean exactly, but the image I have is of performer x (I do have someone in mind but he is not with us anymore) sitting at home with his guitar playing snatches of this and that. Since everything is recorded and editable such input could take multiple forms. Facebook would profit to the extent to which it is a usable interactive device."

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Al Franken's Salient Algebra Lesson

From an Email from the Senator

Democrats are facing a real algebra problem.

X = President Romney. Y = a Republican Senate. X + Y = Z. Solve for Z.

Z could mean the end of Medicare as we know it. Z could mean outrageous restrictions on women’s access to health care. Z could mean more giveaways for corporations that ship our jobs overseas and nothing left over to help the middle class.

But there’s one variable that equation doesn’t account for: You. (Not U. You, the person reading this email.) Your contribution to the DSCC will help us fight back against the far right, defend President Obama and the Democrats, and stop a Republican agenda so radical, you could say it’s irrational. (Get it?)


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Your worst thoughts about Scalia and Thomas are probably true

The National Memo » The High Court’s Supremely Unethical Activists: "While the public awaits the high court’s judgment on the constitutionality of health care reform, it is worth remembering how cheaply Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas in particular have sullied the integrity of their lifetime appointments, and how casually Chief Justice John Roberts and their other colleagues tolerate such outrages."

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Another Ralph Nader Sin? When will it end?

The National Memo » How Ralph Nader’s Sins Set Trayvon Martin’s Killer Free:

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Poor Ralph. Just because he helped win the election for W. And since one could argue that Unsafe At Any Speed  actually helped perpetuate the automobile-oil domination of the planet. I do not have the patience to parse Alter's supposition. But it has a nice ring to it.

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Boehner and Cantor Should Revive Vaudeville

Boehner and Cantor what a nice pair
Maybe they ought to have an affair
That would be better than doing what they do
Strung up by the TP and going up the flue

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Why Cyber-Communities Will Replace Sprawl

Linking logic and emotion is a start
Linking these to a third makes for progress
Logic - cheaper and better to exchange 
the oil-automobile (failing) economy 
for the cyber-community economy
Emotion - in two decades the young have begun to pull away 
from the car-suburb (faux) American Dream
Because Cyber-Community is more rewarding
and vastly more affordable
The third to which these two link is
the hypothesis
Cyber-Communities will replace sprawl
and with it the oil-car economy
Oil and car will be replaced by
Modular elements needed to
Revolutionize construction so that
Most of the toxic elements of say the Koch Brothers portfolio
Will be unnecessary
In short the car free cyber-community
everything-within-walking-distance model
Can and will spring up on the dessicated
corpses of sprawl elements like malls
Houses will be replaced by mass-produced smart walls
Energy-yielding floors and flexible ceilings
The lego-type elements of the future
Staffed and focused specialized cyber-kiosks will replace strip malls
So forth 
So on
By choice or inevitably
Were I 25 not 75 I would go into business

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