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Values are the engines of our choice

DSCC Figures on Current Senate Races - Broadside

How to rearrange boards at Pinterest

Stephen Rose (abbasway) on Pinterest:

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The help on this can leave you hanging a bit. Here are the steps. When you are signed in you will see an Edit Profile button top center just above the boards. To the right of the button is a very small thingy which is the link to rearrange your boards. It says that when you mouse over it. When your boards have been easily dragged to conform with your desires, you need to confirm the new arrangement. I forgot to do this and was wondering why nothing had changed. Pinterest is quite user friendly but I think this operation can use a gentle push. There is no text indicating rearrange boards except if you happen to mouse over the thingy. If it is an icon, excuse me but it is hardly self evident, at least to me. You will see at the link above that I am taking Pinterest seriously, along with Social Networking as a whole. I think it is only a matter of time before clunky sites like UNICEF's create a more Twitter-like usability.…

ALEC as we speak is going down - Broadside

ALEC is the biggest Right Wing scam of allThe author of democracy's demiseBut finally we're all getting arousedAnd corporations too are getting wiseCoke and Pepsi withdraw their supportAs we speak out others leave as wellSoon we'll see the naked Koch's standAnd pay for their vile rape of this fair landALEC as we speak is going downDown every day we spread the word around

Links from the Center for Media and Democracy

ALEC Corporations ALEC Politicians ALEC State Chairs ALEC "Scholars" ALEC Boards & Task Forces ALEC Funding ALEC FAQ ALEC & NCSL Comparison
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Privatizing Poultry Inspection is an invitation to mass feces consumption - broadside

More Information
Just part of the GOP alternative to government - unregulated or lax-regulated  essential industries. Why the USDA is even considering this is beyond comprehension.
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Reach for the Sky - Broadside

Mitt Romney's anti-Obama sneers will boomerang

The National Memo » To Win GOP Nomination, Mitt Romney Erased His Only Credential: "He wants us to re-elect him,” the presumptive GOP nominee practically sneered, “so we can find out what he will actually do.”

It will be interesting to see whether public revulsion will lose Romney the nomination as he seeks to enjoy a triumphal march, sneers and all. I can hear GOP folk saying, Just what the doctor didn't order.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Mucho Info on Pinterist Virality and Lego Walls

Going Viral on Pinterest: Driving Big Traffic and Making Pinterest a Real Marketing Solution | SEOmoz:

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I liked the part about the Lego Wall the best. Legois the model for the future - for the modular structures of the car-free cyber-community that will become the antidote to sprawl.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

How Abba's way evaluates secrecy

Stanford Challenged - An Account Of Events (Part 2) - Challenging Turing 2012 : New Perspectives On Computation:

To hide from view because of shame or criminality
To seek to obliterate thoughts or actions by constricting their circulation
To maintain the power that may reside in a position or membership or employment
To protect things deemed to have value
To maintain privilege within a group
To allow deception to take root without disclosing what is actually the case
To avoid real or assumed hurt to someone or something
To surprise

How to evaluate whether transparency should be the rule which renders such reasoning fallacious:

Is the balance of the stance indicative of tolerance.
Is the cause of democracy advanced
Is abiding by secrecy on balance helpful
Is secrecy consistent with non-idolatry - is there worship of greed, power and so forth

These ontological values of Abba's way are the criteria by which all things can be evaluated.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Romney and Ryan two pigs in a poke

Ryan, Architect of G.O.P. Budget, in Election Focus -
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Romney and Ryan two pigs in a poke Seeking to play an electoral joke But we're on to them there's naught they can do It's just a question of who will sink who

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes