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Comment on a three year old post about Arcade Fire

Wayne Coyne Tears Arcade Fire A New Asshole - Stereogum
It's 2012 so I am a bit late  I was looking for comment on Arcade Fire  Then I got taken up with the comments on the piece noted above  I remember one occasion when I got dissed  by a well known artist  when I was introducing him   in the Berkshires  one summer in the early 1970s  Reading the back and forth comments above  I wondered what it would be like  if  one met Bob Dylan on a bad day  or any other artist when the spectrum of her personality  was on the nasty angels' side  I guess it hits a button for me  because I certainly do not form an opinion  based on such stuff  In return I reserve my right  to like or dislike a person's work  based entirely on what it means and does to me Arcade Fire does excellent things to me particularly Suburbs I think most criticism is meta-crap Call me impossible but it makes appreciation a lot easier
Check out the post noted above  and  its comments for context

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Getting Back with Huffington Post

Stephen C. Rose:
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The link will take you to my archive at Huffington Post. Life goes on.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Universal Prayer - Blog Art Version

A Universal Easter Prayer

Many will recognize the following as a version of the
Lord's Prayer I contend that Jesus meant this to be a universal prayer The only prayer needed for it contains everything
including the essential - reciprocal forgiveness A prayer to be said daily by all people on earth Because Jesus did not come to segregate people
but to gather them  in a common affirmation of values This prayer or something with the same essence transcends religion seeks no allegiance It merely works better than anything else to relate a person to the ground of all being

Abba whose home in heaven is Hallowed and holy is your name Let your realm come your will be done Till earth and heaven are the same
Give us this day our daily bread Forgive the wrongs that we have done As we forgive those who do wrong Lead us not into temptation
Deliver us from evil Lord And safely guide us to your shore Yours is the power to heal and mend Yours is the glory evermore

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

John Murray brought universalism to America : john murray's conversion to universalism: "Universalism—the belief that a loving God would not sentence anyone to eternity in hell—has likely been around since the early days of Christianity and the Gnostics. Modern Universalism, however, traces its origins to the 1759 publication in London of Union: Or a Treatise of the Consanguinity and Affinity between Christ and His Church by James Relly."

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Murray left Methodism when he read Relly.

And the path he took heavily influenced me as a seminary student. The bulk of Christianity holds to an impossible understanding that has nothing to do what is easily demonstrable - that Abba is in all and offers the same choice to all. And that such salvation as we know is here. No one knows what comes beyond. That should be a saving understanding, not an invitation to threats of damnation. Religion is happily finished, now in its death throes. An Abba infused spirituality is the happy lot of those who l…

Can President Obama Pull The Rabbit From The Hat

Can President Obama pull the rabbit from the hat I can hear you asking Hey dude tell me what is that  The one that is the honest truth of what we have to do For our oil-soaked economy to create something new

Polls and the Canny American People

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Public Opinion Polling: "   Another sophisticated bad poll is run by former President Clinton's ex-advisor Dick Morris at (URL:   Like PulsePoll, is professionally presented in hopes of producing enough audience to interest advertisers in subsidizing the site.  The issues are current and interesting.  The site promises all participants that their opinions and votes truly count, since those in power will hear about the poll results.  That might satisfy the millions whom legitimate polls show are alienated from their own government.  But just like PulsePoll and its brethren, this site is irretrievably biased by its failure to do random sampling.  It does just the opposite, by inviting the opinionated to separate themselves from the silent and make their voices heard by those in power."

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Mr. Ed does something similar on MSNBC.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes