Risk should become the keyword of the Democratic effort.

Cast the GOP in terms of risk. 
Risk should become the keyword of the Democratic effort. 
Democrats are
tolerant, helpful, and small-d democratic. 
Equate the GOP with risk.
It is the damning truth.

For every $1000 anonymous GOP Super-PAC attack dollars 
spent, convert one Republican 
Make said convert the subject of a cinema verite video 
At least one such video will be the signature verdict 
on the GOP 
Two simple, quality responses
State the risk
Fight the money with conversions

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

How President Obama Can Win Christian Conservatives

Christian Conservatives At Florida Revival Are Lukewarm For Mitt Romney:

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By acknowledging that a portion of ALL Americans share the same perspective

By suggesting that that perspective is not racist but genuine and that adherents, most of them, do not spend all their time demonizing others or engaging in self-righteous social agenda vendettas

By getting Democrats who are Christian conservatives in videos to prove the above

Christian conservatives should be for the President not because he is also Christian, but because his values are not at all what Karl Rove Koch Brothers suggest - he stands for tolerance, helpfulness and democracy and he practices the First Commandment

Though not fashionable,  this approach can be an effective accent in a close contest

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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