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Willard Mitt Romney Dangerous Risk Page

Willard Mitt Romney is a flip flopper and is in bed with the Right Wing and Tea Party wing of an already ultra-conservative GOP. These two known realities make him a massive risk. I believe risk best describes what we are facing, risk to our families, risk to our economy, risk to our medical care system, risk to our social security, risk to our civil liberties, risk to the poor, risk to women and girls in at least three serious ways and, perhaps worst of all, the risk that we could  be engaged in yet another devastating and ineffective ground war. This page is dedicated to gathering simple broadsides that document the Willard Mitt Romney risk. You are welcome to copy and paste without attribution. The farther these go the more effective they will be.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Let's Win This With Words, How About It?

I plan to contribute what I can to the re-election of Barack Obamaand to placing Congress  in the hands of a sane majoritiesI do not want to match the Republicans with moneyI want to defeat them roundly with words
According to the Gospel of John a Word made this whole thingWords are surely capable of doing in the destructiveunpatriotic spoiled perverse forcesthat have kept us at the edge of the cliff  W dangled us from  
A simple word well-applied  can win thisRiskEveryone knows Mitt is a flip flopperEveryone knows he is captive of the Right WingBut do we know what a risk he isMitt Romney is more risky than WMake a list of important thingsAppend Romney and riskThe associations are manifoldGenuine and chilling
Our President has been a bulwarkHe has made us secureand set us on a path of stabilityin spite of an attack that has not been seensince the decade prior to the Civil War
We need to show the truthWith words We muffed it in 2000 and 2004 We saw the light in 2008We should easily beat th…

Mildred Purse Has Three Questions for Mitt Romney

1. Will you turn over to me and the rest of the nation as many tax returns as the President has already turned over. I believe he's delivered 12 years worth.
2. Will you stop lying about our dear President's record and besmirching him with comments unworthy of a Presidential candidate? 
3. Now that we have determined to call you out on every deep Right Wing position you have recently affirmed, are you willing to cease flip-flopping?
If you answered 3. No, I have one more: If you end up echoing every position of President Obama, are you willing to admit that you are in fact a Democrat who may also be a pathological liar?  
Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes