Mildred Purse says Karl Rove is full of it

I would not raise this save for the photo of Karl Rove below. I think he is in dire straits. We may be in line for a medical event of historic proportions. The man looks as if he could use serious respite. You see. Folk who spew bile on a 24/7 basis (even in their sleep) suffer a strange contrarian phenomenon, owing to conscience that dwells deep within in even the most wicked and retrograde souls. When a certain limit is reached, the entire system shuts down until penitence occurs, enabling the sluices, as it were, to reopen. I will not bother you further. A picture is worth 1000  whatevers. 

Karl Rove is attacking our candidates in five states. Help us match his buy to counter these attacks. Contribute.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Robert Johnson and Leadbelly have nothing on Charlie Patton (Playlist)

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Robert Johnson and Leadbelly have nothing on Charlie Patton. Many of his recordings are hard to listen to owing to their sound quality. I went through everything I could find on Spotify and gathered the following cluster of songs. 

Here's how to win the student interest rate battle

Get a video team to make clips of wealthy sorts
who will vote for Obama
because they cannot abide a party
that would vote to double interest rates
on student loans
It is bad enough that students have to pay
what they are paying
Take a cinema verite route
Real people of all classes
sick of the GOP Congress
and its vicious games

Revised 4/30

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Neil Young's Ohio Sub Romney for Nixon - Think War on Women

More will die as a result of legislation Romney approves of than died on the ground at Kent State
The hands of the executioners are always well hidden
I intend to use music as a mode of communication in this season
We can conquer Super PACs by flagging the real risks and the real dangers
That would otherwise go by the boards

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

From Jim Messina. - on May 5 Obama Campaign Starts

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Big news: In 10 days, President Obama is hitting the campaign trail.
On Saturday, May 5th, the President and First Lady Michelle Obama are holding the first two public rallies of the campaign in Columbus, Ohio, and Richmond, Virginia. He'll speak about how far we've come, and lay out the very real stakes in this election: Are we going to continue to move forward, rebuilding an economy that's meant to last, with a growing middle class and more Americans getting a fair shot? Or are we going to go back to the same failed policies that crashed our economy and left too many folks struggling to catch up? That's the choice.

Make this the biggest grass roots effort ever
Filled with images of ordinary people
Saying they see a secure future with the President at the helm
Grass roots cinema verite
Will blow the Super PACs away

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

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