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Windows on The Bible Is Now a Kindle Book

Here is a painless way to become familiar with the contents of the Bible. Written in a bright engaging style, this is literally a way to open windows on the Book of Books for the casual churchgoer, the casual non-churchgoer, for adult and teen gatherings, This brief survey will take any interested reader deeply into the crucial issues that the Bible deals with. Try it. You’ll like it.

Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes

Mitt's Flaccid Inner Circle Not One David Plouffe Among Them


To call Mitt's inner circle flaccid is not very nice but it is more than accurate. The folk have some ability but they lack the capacity to stand tall and see the whole picture and drive home whatever their message might be. At minimum they would need a message. But that would not be enough. They would need a David Plouffe to be co-equal with Mitt and steer the ship. They don't have one. You might say Rove, but Rove has lost his moxie and is the associate of an unprosecuted war criminal.

Here in order of in-ness are Romney's top five.

Beth Myers is running the Veep search. She is a former Karl Rove colleague. She was in charge of Mitt's last presidential effort. She is closer to Mitt than most anyone outside of his family.
Then there is the Etch-a-Sketch guy Eric Fehrnstrom who was Mitt's spokesperson when he ran Massachusetts and is now a senior adviser. But wait! According to WaPo he is also a senior advisor to the Romney Free and Strong America Su…

Twelve Reasons Romney is Going Down as We Speak

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Mildred Purse says Karl Rove is full of it:
'via Blog this'
Surrounded by neo-cons who counsel war Tied to Rove and the Koch Brothers  Identified with Bork and overturning Rowe v Wade   Health care conundrum
Foreign policy flops
Horrendous media advice Tepid and borderline endorsements No honeymoon bounce Past statements come home to roost No place to pivot to  The GOP Congress On all accounts an undesirable risk

People's solution -  Democratic majorities in Congress  Re-election of the President Progressive solution -  Think beyond oil and sprawl and how  a commitment to that could revolutionize 
our economy and politics Consider how election of Romney would  set things back