If you think Romney does not represent risk

Mitt Romney, American Parasite - Page 1 - News - New York - Village Voice: "When Bain purchased the mill, Sanderson says, change was immediate. Equipment upgrades stopped. Maintenance became an afterthought. Managers were replaced by people who knew nothing about steel. The union's profit-sharing plan was sliced twice in the first year—then whacked altogether.

"When Bain Capital took over, it seemed like everything was being neglected in our plant," Sanderson says. "Nothing was being invested in our plant. We didn't have the necessary time to maintain our equipment. They had people here that didn't know what they were doing. It was like they were taking money from us and putting it somewhere else.""

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Romney is risk a dismal show
Based on the record of his past
Destruction is Romney's MO
As though nothing that's good should last

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Two Forces on Collision Course Plus A Modicum of Hope

Fortunately the world does not proceed in binaries but threes

The first force is the force of oil and cars and sprawl
It is the course that makes the Kochs wealthy beyond measure
It believes our present way of life is sustainable

The second force is caused by awareness that the way above 
is not sustainable desirable rewarding or possible
It is the force of alternative energy
New planning initiatives
Massive reform
It believes the wind is at its back

Blunt Truth

The first force so overpowers the second force
that it is almost laughable
The Kochs laugh
The Scalias laugh
The Thomases laugh

The third of this triad is hypothesis experiment proving out
of ways beyond the double bind
Objective: allow the first to topple of its own internal 
Help it with words and actions

Become a laboratory
for the creation 
or workable models to
realizing that this is a century-long

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GOP Deficit Lies Could Foment A Second Great Depression

ShortFormContent at Blogger: Answering GOP "Obama Has Proposed Nothing" Meme:

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To tackle the deficit
all things must be on the table
and the savings must be real and long term
To generate the income necessary to
pay down the debt
we badly need more stimulus now
particularly to rehire all those cops
and teachers laid off during the
Almost Depressiuon

These thing said
we have the spectacle of the GOP
under their Big Lie
of Deficit Reduction
1. Refusing to raise taxes
2. Robbing Peter to Pay Paul
3. Refusing compromise period

GOP deficit talk is phony

We will tackle the deficit only when both sides agree
Until then we are gambling against the clock


The GOP may be fomenting a Second Great Depression

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Answering GOP "Obama Has Proposed Nothing" Meme

Click to read the five points of the Obama Jobs Bill

The GOP claims Obama proposes nothing
The President proposed a bill filled with GOP-friendly things
Cutting taxes
(Oh no they were taxes on workers)
Transportation Infrastructure
(Oh no that would be a  stimulus)
School Infrastructure
(Oh no more government waste)
Jobs for Vets
(Oh no we cannot pass this stupid bill)
Tax Credits for Long Term Hires
(Oh no)

The fact is that no one thought the GOP would act
and the GOP obliged

The problem is Congress is not supposed to work that way

The apparent solution is to have a Democratic majority 
in both houses that can implement
 ideas that the GOP once held 
before its captivity by the Nihilistic Right

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Consciousness Can Be Measured

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