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Charles Sanders Peirce: What distinguishes a man from a word?

What distinguishes a man from a word? There is a distinction doubtless. … It may be said that man is conscious, while a word is not. But consciousness is a very vague term. It may mean that emotion which accompanies the reflection that we have animal life. This is a consciousness which is dimmed when animal life is at its ebb in old age, or sleep, but which is not dimmed when the spiritual life is at its ebb; which is the more lively the better animal a man is, but which is not so, the better man he is. … Again, consciousness is sometimes used to signify I think, or unity in thought; but this unity is nothing but consistency, or the recognition of it. Consistency belongs to every sign, so far as it is a sign; and therefore every sign, since it signifies primarily that it is a sign, signifies its own consistency. …there is no element whatever of man’s consciousness which has not something corresponding to it in the word; and the reason is obvious. It is that the word or sign which ma…

John Boehner's Drunken Soliloquy

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Na gwdha shog dammd Amuricans I hate this shit. I hate the Tea Party. I hate Obama. I just love my jack goddamit. I don't give a damn if Amrurica goes to hell in a handbasket. I got a golf date and if that goes bad I'll know my world is through. Until then I will depend on others to extract me from this shithole. I'm plane my part damn. Alright you want it straight. This is a holdup. Shit is that the President I see. NOOOO. You can't order me around like that. Oh you can? Whoops. NOOO. Don't you touch that bottle! Get out of here. Cancelled? Me? Wake me up. Tell me it's over. I don't know what the hell I'm doing. OK Eichman ... I got it .... Ah, let me sleep ...

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