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92 Plus 102 Obama Agenda Items

92 Things Barack Obama Would Do As President — Verbatim | Stephen C. Rose:

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President Obama had an agenda from the Git-Go. This is from 2007. What is here and remains undone is what he intends to achieve. People who claim they do not know what the President wants are either ignorant or lazy. These are taken verbatim from careful position writings.

Here is the continuation - 102 things the President has either done or will seek to do. We have a competent President who has never made a secret of his agenda for America.

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Looking Like The Dems Have Life in Them Yet

DCCC Campaign Plan 2012 | DCCC:

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Hit Classic to view the whole infographic.

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Harry Smith: True Patron Saint of an America United by Its Commonalities

The Life, Art, and Music of Harry Smith: Positively Unreasonable – tribute at Alberta Rose, Sunday « Oregon Music News: "But Smith, his work, and his deeply eccentric character cast their spell on artists of all kinds. One of his greatest champions (and victims) was Allen Ginsberg, without whom Smith’s survival would have been nearly unfathomable. Smith produced a record of Blues and Rags with Ginsberg, but the essence of their relationship was typified by other sorts of encounters and entanglements. Ginsberg described his early days amidst Smith in an interview this way:"

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Don't miss this page.Allow an hour. Especially if you have never heard of him.

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Post to music

Post to musicA door closesBut behind it there is a demandingand then hesitantthen almost silentbuild up to frenetic resolveNow the door does not existOnce more struggle gives way toaffirmationLet us be musicYesFreer with eachtriadic movementto a doorthat never closes

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The Abba Poem

Mildred Purse Suggests a Mt. Everest Climb for John Boehner

Our doyenne of Beacon Street is never minus ideas.

Now John you do not believe in global warming so you are ideal. Take yourself and your Tea Party freshmen over to Nepal and scale Everest. Go where even the Sherpas dare not go due to the warming. Take a lot of booze to fortify your climb. As you make global headlines. InTrade will gamble on the prospects of  disaster. You will distract everyone from the collapse of America due to your single-handed efforts to scare the President. You will avoid the continuing embarrassment of your party due to your transparently insincere attempt to play the same game you lost last year. The only thing you will risk is being buried in the proof of what you have refused to believe. As the prophet Miciah said to King Jehosephat, Go up and conquer.
Boehner Cites Cow Farts To Downplay Global Warming (VIDEO)
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The New Look at ShortFormContent Updated

Dynamic Views enables you (and me) to play a bit. You can choose numerous ways to view ShortFormContent at the Mosaic drop down above left. You can access everything that is meta from the Pages drop down. And you can even read a bit of content here and there. What works for the serious visitor is Search, above right. There are going on 6000 brief items. My motive in choosing this path is to spend less time promoting and more time creating and experimenting. It is looking more and more like an integration with Twitter and Pinterest. Thus far it is proving successful.Enjoy your visit.
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