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In Search of Winning Obama Campaign Slogans

Is there anything in the past that helps us? Below the whole kahuna. My favorite interpolations.
Who is Mitt Romney? (1844) For President of the People (1848)
Don't swap horses in the middle of the stream (1864)  I Like Barak (1952) The stakes are too high (1964)
Note that in 2000 W had four slogans as did Obama in 2008
I see no reason why we cannot begin to use the ideas above to see what sticks.
And here are others that occur to me:

Who cares?
Don't give up your vote!

And here are credited candidates from Twitter.

 Barack  - "Because he cares about ALL of us." 

. On of my Campaign Slogans I'd like to SEE "This is STILL America!" You saw it here first :-)
Chuck Diem ‏@chasdiem
RT @stephencrose: "In Search of Winning Obama Campaign Slogans" | "Save yer mama, vote Barack Obama" ;)


Romney is not getting any less risky - license to lie & RomneyStateTrooperGate

Romney is not getting any less riskySome time ago I insisted that risk was the word that best defined Mitt RomneyWe should not consider him because he equals riskToday I wish to add two new items to a list that is already longSimply search Romney to access more Romney-Risk items
1Romney = Risk because Mormons have an apparent license to lie
Lying For The Lord Part 1 - YouTube:
Lying For The Lord Part 2 - YouTube:
The second one has the meat of the deception MO "Ken Clark, a former LDS CES Institute Director for 27 years illustrates how the Mormon Church utilizes deceptions and out right lies to maintain control over members and potential converts to Mormonism."
Can we infer that Romney is influenced by this cultureI do not see how we can not
Here is a quote that is part of the textof Lying for The  Lord"The right to lie in the service of your own interests is highly valued and frequently exercised"-Nero Wolfe"
This text and the videos seem to me…