Romney is not getting any less risky - license to lie & RomneyStateTrooperGate

Romney is not getting any less risky
Some time ago I insisted that risk was the word that best 
defined Mitt Romney
We should not consider him because he equals risk
Today I wish to add two new items to a list that is already long
Simply search Romney to access more Romney-Risk items

Romney = Risk because Mormons have an apparent license to lie

Lying For The Lord Part 1 - YouTube:

Lying For The Lord Part 2 - YouTube:

The second one has the meat of the deception MO 
"Ken Clark, a former LDS CES Institute Director for 27 years 
illustrates how the Mormon Church utilizes deceptions and out right lies 
to maintain control over members and potential converts to Mormonism."

Can we infer that Romney is influenced by this culture
I do not see how we can not

Here is a quote that is part of the text
of Lying for The  Lord
"The right to lie in the service of your own interests 
is highly valued and frequently exercised"
-Nero Wolfe" http://buff.ly/LO26fv

This text and the videos seem to me essential 
to an understanding of Romney


because he is a  documented impersonator of state troopers 

This claim on its face would stop someone
They might ask whether this was a schoolboy prank
They might give him a pass, as he got an apparent pass on his documented bullying
But this took place at Stanford
He was not a kid
And he did have a Michigan State Trooper uniform
which he donned
And he did impersonate an officer on a public road
And he did intimidate a woman
And he has not since this story broke again
subjected himself to media scrutiny
keeping only to friendly FOX
Here are some essential tweets from my trove

The National Memo » 
Did Young Mitt Romney Impersonate A Police Officer? 
Another Witness Says Yes http://buff.ly/N0w7fd

@MittRomney Google results for "romney impersonates state troopers" 
has hit 118,000 results up from 1300 yesterday. 8 June

Romney's Creepy Fake Cop Act Extends To Staffers | 
Crooks and Liars http://buff.ly/LwU3TH 11 June

I reiterate my long-held view that the nomination
is not Romney's and may not be
These two additional risks top a long list
We have not yet seen the chaos waiting to envelop the GOP

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