Ontological values are deducible inductible abductible

If We Float the Term "ontological Values" 
We Most Likely Elicit Widespread "duhs" 
or Else Find Ourselves at the Door of This or that Discipline 
Where the Phrase Has Some Reality and Context. 

I sometimes ask myself what I would say 
if someone asked me what I mean
by ontological values


Ontological values find their setting 
within a philosophical stream
within the territory known as being 
as the first
as the initial sign
They are part of the penumbra 


Ontological values are deducible
They move from being named 
to being proved out in the world of experience 
as universal motivators 
and practical modes of making history 


Ontological values derive from experience 
rather than some cognitive process 
They are tolerance democracy helpfulness and non-idolatry 
These are not merely random (nice) thoughts
or virtues
They are active ontological values 
They are the origin of progress
They are the drivers of history
They are reality

Non-idolatry is the root ontological value 
It establishes a limit on what can be claimed to be known 
It modifies all other values 
Tolerance democracy and helpfulness 
are active ontological values 
History moves 
via the awareness and practice of these values universally 

These values are universally present within the individual 
enabling the free choice of these values 

This philosophy is evolutionary
regarding continuity as fundamental 
to understanding how life works 

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