Despite everything Obama trends toward nonviolence

Despite everything Obama trends toward nonviolence

When Obama is taken to have won creds as Commander in Chief 
by his careful excision of Osama
it is assumed Obama will be tough and not eschew bloody conflict 
Obama has already conceded that despite personal agony 
he does indeed recognize the need for and the value of sacrifice 

When Obama is designated the prophet 
of nonviolent governance for the world
no one responds 
because as far as I know no one has ever dubbed him such
That will be the task of history 
Here is why  

Obama was brought up within a movement context that eschewed violence. 
Obama is a genuine partisan of democracy 
and democratic states are not inclined to settle disputes by violence
That is the way of dictators 
Obama has shown himself to be more the enemy 
than the friend 
of those the US has typically played footsie with in the past. 
The world will not end up all sweetness in light. 

But the democratic revolution now in progress 
is the first stage of a natural wave of survivalist energy 
being cooked up by Being itself - 
that is to say democracy is an ontological value 
that comes of age when enough people will it 
People are willing it today in large enough numbers 
to result in a transition toward more and more democracy 

The other ontological values will move forward in tandem. 
Tolerance Helpfulness and Non-idolatry 
Once the President drives another nail into the coffin 
of characterizations of him that are wrong
 he will perhaps move in the direction 
of beginning to apply 
these ontological values 
to the macro world of transportation residence and work 

This is almost as important as advancing democracy 
because it involves defeating the oil construction and automobile industries 
by offering all of them a better way to make a living 
by rebuilding society 

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