But when it comes to vision for the macro world we experience not application but robbery

It Seems There is a Major Disconnect Between Cyber 
(the Development of Thinking Around Computer-related Matters) 
and the World 
(the Use of Computers to Help Design and Build Macro Systems)

In a cyber-world with no split
 there would be cyber attention 
paid to how to actually build a car-free city 
Or how to create an economy 
that would pay everyone something - 
say more than a dollar or two a day 

But when it comes to vision for the macro world 
we experience not application but robbery 

I can only assume that 
like the pell-mell rush to gadgets
this is a Toynbean retreat from challenge
a passive acceptance of the world as it is
or simply an assumption that 
anything that was relevant to the macro world 
would not really be relevant
 unless it was strained 
through the esoteric linguistic approaches 
one finds in cyber-parsings. 

An example is the term ontology
 This is a beautiful term with a serious history
But in pursuing it on the web
 I found its place had been taken by some high-falutin' cyber group 
that is concerned with monetizing the term 

Monetizing ontology

When I clicked through 
to read some of their ontological reflections
 I was led to the opportunity to buy an article for $27 

The result is that the application of cyber 
to the wider world 
is likely to be shorn of any of the thought process 
that would enable us to actually plan - 
as Prince Charles and other sane individuals might wish us to plan - 
with an eye to using our new capacities to benefit individuals. 

Specifically to move beyond oil and cars 
as the self-evidents of a dismal  sprawl future. 

Because of Google's selectivity
 a generalist protest from an unconnected individual 
is not destined for much readership
 But I would hope that a stubborn resistance 
to the appropriation of pattern language and ontology 
by the computer glitterati would at least raise questions 

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