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We must avoid David-Goliath complexes

We must avoid David-Goliath complexesassuming that good will triumphagainst the Citizens United giantWe are involved in a guerrilla warWe are a scattered and indistinct aggregationwith a single objective which we will win not by violencebut by treating the enemytruthfullyas criminal thieves conspirators against our democracy
Words will be our artilleryTwitter will be our field of battleNo one will be a leaderFrom Twitter we will fan out We will turn the thieves into visible criminalsin the eyes of society
But we know who the front folk are Koch  Rove Romney Boehner McConnellFight this war by fighting these peoplewith words

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The Theft of the Coming Election

The Theft of the Coming Election is not meant to be a come-on headline so you will read onIt is an accurate description of a processthat began with the Republican Primariesand Citizen's UnitedCitizens United had its test run when Sheldon Adelsondemonstrated that he could spend tens of millionsturning Mitt Romney into a beggarand then a slaveWe must treat the election at every level as being stolen as we speak

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Recent Tweets 6/17/2012

stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 17, 11:40 AMGOP is the master of dysfunctionality. (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 17, 11:22 AMIf Marco Rubio is electriying shocking just became a walk in the park. (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 17, 11:17 AM@MrJueseppi @wordpressdotcom RIP. I do not know how he was before the terrible beating but it may have shortened his life. (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJun 17, 11:12 AM@trueblacknews Great restaurant town!

Who Knows Us By Our Fruits?

A key statement of Peirce and of Jesus before himis that by our fruits we shall be knownIt is not hard to figure out what our fruits areThat would be our outputEverything all of it anything that comes out of usJesus did exempt natural excrescenceslimiting his designation to the products of the heartFrom the heart comes the entire spectrum of each of usfrom wicked and dead wrongto seraphic and right onWhen my friend Will Campbell saidwe are all bastards but God loves us anywayhe was suggesting that there is something to lovein every personIndeed if you guess at the riddle of lifeyou realize that Abbais somehow part of us alland that is is Abba who knows usby our fruitsAnd since our hearts operate in season and outnone of us is without fruits we wish had never seen the light of day and none of us is without fruits that are admirableand finally it makes no differencesave in the unintended but real consequencesof everything we doWherefore we sayWe are indeed all bastardsAnd Abba does inde…