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Charles Sanders Peirce -The Sign creates something in the Mind of the Interpreter

“The Sign creates something in the Mind of the Interpreter, which something, in that it has been so created by the sign, has been, in a mediate and relative way, also created by the Object of the Sign, although the Object is essentially other than the Sign. And this creature of the sign is called the Interpretant. It is created by the Sign; but not by the Sign quâ member of whichever of the Universes it belongs to; but it has been created by the Sign in its capacity of bearing the determination by the Object. It is created in a Mind (how far this mind must be real we shall see). All that part of the understanding of the Sign which the Interpreting Mind has needed collateral observation for is outside the Interpretant. I do not mean by "collateral observation" acquaintance with the system of signs. What is so gathered is not COLLATERAL. It is on the contrary the prerequisite for getting any idea signified by the sign. But by collateral observation, I mean previous acquaintanc…

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How The Koch Economy Presages A Global Meltdown

The Koch economy isfossil energy largely toxic chemicals road building andhighway culture products like BrawnyThe Koch economy presumes that the futurewill involve more vehiclesmore asses to wipemore oil sodden roadsand more toxic chemicals
The world is already experiencingthe results of banking on such assumptionseven though sane heads on good daysunderstand that this way is doomthat we needsustainability not growthenvironmental acuitynot halfway measures
We will get nowhere until we create Tom Sawyer's fenceWe need to build a model of a sustainable worldWe need to posit walkable communitiesPopulations dense enough to spawn local economiesThe integration of everythingnot today's auto dependent sprawl
One way or another this is going to happenThe more we get off of silly solutions and tomodel buildingthe more we will be on a road pastthe lassitude of the Koch global meltdown economy

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