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Charles Sanders Peirce The Functional Stages of Inquiry

Interpretation as Action: The Risk of Inquiry

By Jon Awbrey and Susan Awbrey
The first functional stage of inquiry is abduction, which involves "pondering these phenomena in all their aspects," allowing a conjecture to arise "that furnishes a possible Explanation," regarding the conjecture with "favor" and holding it to be "Plausible." Abduction is the "whole series of mental performances between the notice of the wonderful phenomenon and the acceptance of the hypothesis." It is:the dark laboring, the bursting out of the startling conjecture, the remarking of its smooth fitting to the anomaly, as it is turned back and forth like a key in a lock, and the final estimation of its Plausibility, … Its characteristic formula of reasoning I term Retroduction [abduction], i.e. reasoning from consequent to antecedent. (Peirce, CP 6.469). Peirce's second stage of inquiry, deduction, is the testing of the hypothesis.This testing, to be logi…

Romney Is Class B Sludge - Mildred Purse

The President is not too shabby on long shots | ShortFormContent at Blogger:
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Mildred Purse is the Doyenne of Beacon Hill  and speaks her mind irregularly on these pages

Mitt Romney is Class B Sludge This means that he is literally toxic  and a health hazard Proof of this is that if you get near him you may find yourself having inexplicable symptoms that even the EPA will not be able to identify Now there are methods by which  Mitt could be made safer For example by distancing himself from the makers of toxic oil But that does not appear likely I recommend  complete avoidance I do not trust those who say that protective gear suffices

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