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stephencroseStephen C. RoseJul 17, 04:19 PM"Abba leads us by inviting us to become our own leader of ourselves. " ShortFormContent at Blogger: "Lead us not into temptation" means ...[] (more) Jul 17, 03:05 PMRT @stephencrose: We should work to defeat every GOP conspirator on this list of those who met 1.20.09 to do in Obama Where Is The Outrage? or When is Treachery Not UnAmerican? - A P... [] (more) stephencroseStephen C. RoseJul 17, 03:04 PMGracious Hillary Leaves Romney Still Looking for Any Way to Be Taken Seriously | ShortFormContent at Blogger ShortFormContent at Blogger: Gracious Hillary Leaves Romney Still...[]