"Lead us not into temptation" means we do not walk alone.

"Lead us not into temptation" means we do not walk alone. We walk with others. We are communal. Abba is our inner leader but only if we choose Abba. Otherwise we follow others. Lead us not into temptation is like saying to someone, Hey, I don't want to go there. It is also saying that temptation is a fact of life. Sometimes constant, most often real. Temptation is the state of desiring what can harm. Whether substances or domination or foolish risk. Abba is so present within us that the more you recognize the reality and converse with Abba, the more you are aware that out of the mystery of all there is a person who is universal and in all who call upon him, beyond all religions and creeds. This Abba leads us by inviting us to become our own leader of ourselves. Mindful. Tolerant. Democratic. Helpful. And without idolatry aka obsessive fandom or fixed ideology. 

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