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Nietzsche's revaluation failed but at least he cared about values

In his revised edition of Nietzsche The Man and His Philosophy
R. J. Hollingdale concludes that Nietzsche actually completed
his revaluation of values with The Antichrist
This aptly contradicts the usual narrative that Nietzsche
intended four works in addition to The Antichrist
to complete his grand objective
I highly respect Hollingdale and find his reasoning persuasive

But my own approach to philosophy is based not on
an effort to comprehend what he or she intended or meant
but to discern what relevance a text has now
and accept all of the fallibility that attaches to this method
It is not that I do not want to feel I know Nietszche
I would not have gone to Sils-Maria and wandered around as he did
had I not wished to imbibe
But I am settled in my sense of Nietzsche
as I understand him
but hardly irrelevant

The Antichrist is (to me)
a confession of Jesus
of a seemingly unreachable ideal
of values we cannot embrace
values of peace and love and nonviolence
Neitzsche skewered Christianity properly as rejecting 
this Jesus
He merely says he is impossible
and goes back to hoary values that he never did revalue

I profess to be a revaluer
That would seem quite a reach 
were the whole thing not so simple
and accessible

I think the values of Jesus shorn of creeds and religion
are pragmatic provable and ontological
they make for transcendence within immanence
They entered my mind after we taught the Gospel of Mark 
in song (I had written this)
to a whole lot of kids (pre-teens, teens)
They are tolerance democracy (in the sense of universal rights)
helpfulness and non-idolatry

Nietzsche comes into this because he cared about
values and because his values were deficient to advance
history though they were not half bad at creating the secular stage
we are in today 
The values I name above are sufficient
and the task is to show how 
they work
and why philosophy errs when it does not understand 
that history is made by the simple willing of values by human beings

This is why the characteristics and virtues 
that pass for values post-Aristotle
are as the Bard understood
a scutcheon
and why the ignored values of Jesus
add up to a doable
way of living

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