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How Can David (Democrats) Beat Goliath (GOP)?

David Democrat will beat GOP Goliath same way as before David Democrat bears a simple sling  capable at flinging stones at a vast area of Goliath body mass Every hit the supple Democrat makes  imbeds a stone in Goliath GOP flaccid flesh The untold story of the original is that Goliath of old was prone to itch Continual scratching at his wounds induced a veritable frenzy of anxious agony The GOP Goliath will first kneel then fall prostrate from well-aimed stones from David Democrat's sling Each stone will bear the simple legend TRUTH Each vision of the hapless GOP Giant conveys to the people bully bad cop crypto-fascist anti-democratic obstructor of justice And fnally as this sad GOP generation grows old a thin but growing shaft of reason will emerge and start to right things So for now we aim our stones and trust the narrative
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