How Can David (Democrats) Beat Goliath (GOP)?

David Democrat will beat GOP Goliath same way as before
David Democrat bears a simple sling 
capable at flinging stones at a vast area of Goliath body mass
Every hit the supple Democrat makes 
imbeds a stone in Goliath GOP flaccid flesh
The untold story of the original is that Goliath of old
was prone to itch
Continual scratching at his wounds induced
a veritable frenzy of anxious agony
The GOP Goliath will first kneel then fall prostrate
from well-aimed stones from David Democrat's sling
Each stone will bear the simple legend TRUTH
Each vision of the hapless GOP Giant conveys to the people
bad cop
obstructor of justice
And fnally as this sad GOP generation grows old
a thin but growing shaft of reason
will emerge and start to right things
So for now we aim our stones
and trust the narrative

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