Mildred Purse says Sarah Palin will not allow Mitt Romney to be President

Mildred Purse doyenne of Beacon Hill is 
unconstrained by conventional barriers to speaking likely truths
Here she lets fly at Mitt Romney with a speculation 
that should interest the soldiers of the media
Sarah Palin is the only Republican who can speak and be obeyed
when it comes to the 2012 campaign
She has already affected virtually every GOP
Senatorial and Gubernatorial race
and installed her kind here there and everywhere
And now Mitt Romney does not have the smarts to kowtow
Wrong call Mitt
Here is what you get
Sarah will stop you
She can do it with one word
You will not get through the Convention
You may not get TO the Convention
Unless you make sweet to Mama Grizzly
When I last spoke to Sarah she said I do not shoot varmints
but I will gladly make an exception in Wimp Romney's case
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