Abba whose home in heaven is is my parsing of Our Father who art in heaven

Abba whose home in heaven is 
is my parsing of 
Our Father who art in heaven 
which is the first line of The Lord's Prayer 
Abba means father but is more familiar 
more like Dad or even chum 
I believe Abba is in heaven but that heaven 
is potentially within us all 
Which means Abba is within us all 
Abba may be the ultimate mystery that lies 
past all efforts to grasp or comprehend 
But he is also our link to the whole 
and to each other 
We evolve 
Life evolves 
Abba is with us 
How else could we address him 
By saying that heaven is Abba's home 
we say thumbs up to the process 
of which we are all a part 
Indeed when our lives are in synch and our 
relationships are moving along 
we experience heaven on earth 
And of course this prayer is all about that 
For the journey on which we are embarked is 
precisely towad the goal 
of making earth more heavenly 
So Abba is not in a home separated from us 
When we are in synch with Abba 
we are in heaven too

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