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The Norquist Ryan Love Knot A Sick Liason

"With the possible exception of anti-tax activist/Bond villain Grover Norquist, nobody has done more in recent years to prevent the passage of a bipartisan debt agreement than Paul Ryan." New York Magazine, 5/2012
I love this statement. Ryan and Norquist were also at the 1/20/12 Conspiracy Meeting to do in President Obama.
The entire narrative of this election should begin with this meeting. The story is not that Obama had a majority and could have done anything. He had a traitorous GOP cabal  and knew he had to play Rope A Dope for FOUR YEARS to get his reform agenda through - a pragmatic agenda to which decent Republicans should have subscribed. Ryan and Norquist are the sick and sorry center of the shriveled monster that used to be the GOP. The end of this story is being written. If we win then the end will be what the President has always known. The people will have chosen hope and change…

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1h Saying GOP obstructs makes the GOP base happy and accomplishes little. Saying GOP will harm you and showing how is better. Expand
2h Ryan put politics before country, killed bipartisanship and risked a worse economic depression.  Expand