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Saying GOP obstructs makes the GOP base happy and accomplishes little. Saying GOP will harm you and showing how is better.

Ryan put politics before country, killed bipartisanship and risked a worse economic depression.  

"Mr. Ryan drew a blueprint for a government that would be absent when people needed it the most" 

So Ayn Rand needed medicare and Saul Alinsky was a normal American and in death they become political footballs.

Ryan is THE Koch Poster Boy - his right wing wealth ties exposed  /nyt 

Paul Ryan plan would be the end of Medicare | ShortFormContent at Blogger  /ryanfail

Grover Norquist - We want the Paul Ryan budget. ... We just need a president to sign this stuff. 

Past is prologue - Paul Ryan’s ‘Pay-Per-View’ Meeting: Constituents Escorted Out One By One | FreakOutNation 

Headline when Ryan was considering running for President - The author of our fiscal doom? Mr Supply Sui-Side? 

 hopping right along. I think the honeymoon between the two Rs will last about a day.

Specificity was never Romney's plan. So he chooses Mr. Specific. Plan overboard. 

1. No proof hecklers of Ryan were plants. 2. He ignored the farm bill Ryan is focusing popular anger. 

I think Romneycide is a reasonable condensation of the actual result of Romney Ryan economic policies. A form of genocide. 

Ayn Rand was a parody of individualism. She promoted the right of individuals to trample anyone who stood in their way. Roark=McVeigh

Ryan ineptly says his hecklers mist not be from Iowa or Wisconsin. That should come back to bite him.

Watching Ryan dealing with hecklers and then lapse into Boehner-like cliches is a reassuring indication. Introducing 

Amendment. Erskine Bowles condemned the Romney not the Ryan budget. Andrea Mitchell's Bowles clip was both dated and deceptive.

Erskine Bowles - Commentary: Romney’s tax plan would hit middle class, miss the... 

Romney PAC Man Billionaire - Sheldon Adelson’s Dealings in China Are Under Investigation  /nyt 5 pager

Our society is steeped in corruption with advantage and disadvantage at every level. At least Obama is serious. Romney is a joke.
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