Ryan Is THE Tea Party Poster Boy and Here's Why

The Romney-Ryan Plan for America - NYTimes.com: "Even less familiar to voters are Mr. Ryan’s plans for the rest of the federal budget, which if anything are worse than his Medicare proposal. By cutting $6 trillion from federal spending over the next 10 years, he would eliminate or slash so many programs that the federal government would be unrecognizable. That has long been a goal of the Tea Party ideologues who support Mr. Ryan fervently, but it is not one shared by anywhere near a majority of Americans.

As House Budget Committee chairman, Mr. Ryan drew a blueprint for a government that would be absent when people needed it the most. Medicaid, food stamps, and other vital programs would be offloaded to the states, but the states would not be given the resources to run them. The federal government simply would not be there to help the unemployed who need job training, or struggling students who seek college educations. Washington would be unable to respond when a city cannot properly treat its sewage, or when the poor and uninsured overload emergency rooms as clinics close."

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I missed this gem of an editorial. It contains all you need to know to understand that what Romney has done is give a turbo-charge to the Koch Big Lie.  The notion that serious debate is afoot is specious. What is afoot is a contest between a lie-based propaganda billionaire juggernaut and the confused and beleaguered victims of their depredations - that would be the American people. Obama understands that. We had best understand it too.

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