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We need bodies not money silent nonviolent vigils starting now
If money could win this I would contribute  until my sensible wife threatened to leave me But it is illogical at this point to assume that Democrats  and others who are sane can win with money
Faced with this obvious deduction what to do We need to create enough of a buzz that the languorous  media will be constrained to tell our story We do that using imagination We do it by devising something to show the absurdity of the situation
So let guess at some possible solutions Necklaces made of pennies - maybe just one penny We gather silently with our pennies in places where we will be noticed If we are hassled we respond nonviolently I think silence is golden We could then say we are speechless Fifty or a hundred cropping up all over
If you have an abduction aka guessplease tweet me and I will share the ones that make sense to me on TwitterStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

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55m We will identify and name the enemy > Oil Cheney Oil Koch Oil The hold of oil on the world  Expand
56m We will defend and reelect the President The alternative is unthinkable