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Anyone who's under fifty-five listen - I am older still alive terse verse

Anyone who's under fifty-five Listen - I am older still alive There's no way that I would still be here Without the double M let me be clear I mean Medicaid and Medicare  Saved by Barack with many years to spare If we let Romney Ryan in the door Even what we have will be no more And anyone who's young please be alert It's vote Barack or choose a world of hurt
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My 2012 Obama Predictor Page with other Contests Prognosticated 10/05/2012

This is my first update of this page Despite the debate brouhaha Obama's edge has increased in part because of commanding positions in swing states including Ohio and Florids  + As in 2008 when I correctly predicted an Obama victory prior to Iowa I am bravely risking humiliation and trying once again to do the very same thing My methodology is my business It is conservative It is draconian It has a basis in calculation but  its mathematical veracity  would be incomprehensible to most mathematicians and is certainly beyond my capacity to explain save as an intuitive method based on figures available to anyone Today I shall continue with a single figure applying only to the margin by which Obama will lead come Election Day That margin would be 6 points - higher than my first prognostication As things change I will raise or lower the above margin Over time I will add in key Congress and Senate contests when my method proves workable Obama will lead Romney by at least six points on e…

Never Forget The Great GOP Betrayal of Barack Obama 1/20/09

The text about betrayal does not lie The liars are the media who deny For on the very night Obama was our Chief These GOP betrayers planned OUR grief Their meeting was a rank conspiracy To reject governing for you and me Refusing what the Constitution says And trying to create an awful  mess So when you vote vote for Barack again Remember the fell crime that happened when The GOP hatched a conspiracy To make mincemeat of our democracy +
PT Twitter Addresses of GOP Conspirators to Destroy Obama Presidency of 1/20/09
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