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My Sunday Sermon for Today - Yes They Sometimes Invite Me

In a few minutes Joss will pick me up and we'll go to Trinity on West 57th Street An open welcoming church that has little standing  This places it well  given the general history of churches with standing I plan to distribute copies of the above It requires little elucidationIt is a universal spiritual survival kita gift that has no price The words are an interpolation of the only prayer Jesus taught The values are an apt inference  Taken together  in a unity  operationally they account for human progress such as it is They are within everyone they are ontological they trump all other values Used daily  this kit serves me and  I only wish I had used it all along It heals It mends It reminds me of the contracts of life The rules of the road
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Romney and Ryan Want To Throw Us Under The Limo

None of the above  wishes may be possible under any administration But the certainty is that they would be impossible with Romney Ryan They would ramp up the war on whistle blowing which is currently being lost  They would continue the military and law enforcement  cash cow that is the drug war They would increase poverty They would do none of the things that would reverse today's polarization And they would be happy to continue seeing corporations as people  and winning elections with big lies This does not even touch their intrusion into the bodies and wallets of 90 percent of the population
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