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Savor these Senate Figures and Hope Democrats Win back the Senate and the House

So we hold the Senate Our problem is still the obdurate disloyal traitorous GOP and its horrendous leader McConnell If we are given the mandate I hope for sweeping the President and both houses into power it is hardball time No quarter to the non-compromisers No naivete Nothing but the net the people have cast to catch these bastards Pardon my French but they deserve itStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

Since Obama did not zing Mitt much in Debate One I am reposting your zingers for Tuesday

Reposted Sunday 14 October We do need to face Mitt down before 50 million, eh?
Original post:
Today I asked friends on Twitter to send me Obama zingers -  things he could say to Romney in the debate Here is the first batch  "I won't be lectured on transparency by a man who won't release more than two years of his own tax forms."  Obama Zinger - Mitt, are the American people expected to believe you trust in our banks when you store your wealth overseas?  Walk on stage, drop pile of papers on table, "Here's the last 12 years of mine...again..Mitt?"  Obama should say he also loves and cares for mans best friend and would not put him on top of a moving car.  MItt, before we begin tonight,let me introduce you to some of the 47%.they're sitting in the audien…

Revolutionary spirituality stated in sixteen understandable words

Spirituality is choosing and acting on universal values we all possess and thus creating human progress
They are -
Tolerance Helpfulness Democracy Non-idolatry
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