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My Celebrated Romney Is A Liar Quatrain Circulate It Worldwide

Romney lies then flacks deny itNo one knows what he stands forIf he thinks that we will buy itHe'll be left with one lie more
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A Simple Theory of Communication - Sign Blunt Truth Experiment

One derives from Charles Sanders Peirce the notion of thinking in threes  (Charles Sanders Peirce - Thinking in Threes) This enables all manner of movement beyond binary thinking My theory not Peirce's  I do not pretend to interpret him Just a userNow The theory is that we begin with a sign which cannot always be named it could be an impulse a color anything Whatever it is  the second stage is whatever blunt truth it bumps up against In binary thinking  this could be an either or And there communication might end My way or ...It is at the third stage that meaningful communicationof a truly revolutionary sorttakes place For the third is always an experiment or an hypothesis that becomes an effort to resolve the first and the second  an advance of some sortJust an example Thus if Romney is the sign (1) and all of the baggage he brings is the blunt truth (2) voting for Obama is the experiment (3) we might perform
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Humanism requires the zapping of binary thinking and a move to triadic thought of the sort C. S. Peirce created

Binary thinking is this or that and that's the end of it Triadic thinking is thinking in threes It sees the initial sign It sees the challenge And it links these two and guesses at a way forward It is that guessing and that experimentation that leads to the creation of habits based on triadic thinking In binary thinking you are stuck in either or In triadic thought you see how that boxes you in You progress beyond And the advantage is that this is the way  that science and reality work

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The Lord's (Abba) Prayer Is Universal and Belongs to No Religion It Voices Universal Values

The Lord's Prayer is more radical than the Declaration of IndependenceIt invites every person on the planet to make earth heavenlyIt empowers the most radical practice that there isuniversal forgivenessIt is a fountain from which tolerance democracy and helpfulness springIt is a source of non-odolatry

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