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The mask of Romney reveals a face so unaware of inner crimes that it comes off as innocent

The mask of Romney  Reveals a face so unaware of inner crimes  that it comes off as innocent  in the eyes of the unknowing American citizens  who think that everything's OK  We are told not to judge biblically yet our decisions  made by our votes determine fates  Armies fall and body bags filled with our finest are irreverently dumped by this Romney imitating Bush 2 His inner crimes were done by keyboard click  transferring money to killers in foreign landsWhat difference does it make to us We see no evil Or we watch so much of  it on TV that we're numb We gaze down on gadgets for which we pay our monthly hundred caring lessRomney and Ryanare the face of unalloyed evil if they indeed embrace the following values in their heart of hearts  where will lives lofting acts this way and thatintolerance a hatred of of democracy helpfulness to family aloneidolatry of everything and everyonesave the one who was forsaken It is too much  for Romney and Ryan  to deal with those  invisible…