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The Ballad of Mitt Romney (Liar's Song)

My name it is Mitt Romney They say that I tell lies But all I do is tell the truth when questions they arise I tell whatever makes thpse nasty questions go away and truth is always sure to be exactly what I say
They ask about abortion I don't know what they think I am as pro-life as can be I neither smoke nor drink If someone says they like free choice I'll say that I agree as long as there's no one around  who disagrees with me
When I am in the White House no one will bother me I'll do exactly what  I please and everyone will see The one they called a liar he now rules from shore to shore And I'll tell you because it's true I get what I pay for
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Stacked Images - The Main Divisions of Philosophy

Following Charles Sanders Peirce (but not presuming to speak for him) these stacked images mean to represent the three divisions of philosophy the triad that succeeds Semeiosis and Semiotic +Top FirstPhenomenology (The categorization of what rises in the mind)SecondNormative Science (Figuring out the uses of same)ThirdMetaphysics (Figuring out what it means) + The first or top  the place from which things rise The second or brute reality the submission of things to our confined realities The third  progression within our finite sphere to some sense of what its ultimate nature might be  +Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

Seek and you shall find is never wrong - The Tao of John 9

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Life is what the Seer is about Vision that transforms both  heart and mind Suddenly we are turned inside out Knowing all our effort could not find + It is an irony that while intense seeking cannot gain the vistion that assures one of our final unity it remains true that  this very quest can be the most certain  guarantee that one will find Seek and you shall find is never wrong +Other books in this series include
The New Tao Te Ching andThe Tao of Mark These and other Kindle books  can be accessed at the link below +Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store