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Triadic Philosophy Ontology Non-Idolatry Community Unity

Ontology exists in the realm of reality and is the seat of the three active values and their underlying value   The three active values are tolerance democracy and helpfulness The underlying value is non-idolatry These are universal values that transcend  creed or religion or any other limiting category  Ontology embraces the stuff of reality
of being  It is the substance of what is
The terms we use to describe what exists
are our feeble means of recognizing in being itself
the signs that point us to ways of being here and now
FirstNon-idolatry (Because of its status as ontological non-idolary is a first It is the willed iconoclasm that withdraws worship from any human idea notion person or object)
SecondCommunity (Community is always a challenge to non-idolatry representing as it does obligations and ties and and other barriers to the exercise of the profound freedom that is the gift of non-idolatry)
ThirdUnity (Unity is the means by which  the conflict between no…

Stacked Images - Locating Sign Theory in Triadic Philosophizing

Triadic thinking in the philosophy I am unpacking accepts a simple discipline All triads refer back to the original triad ofReality Ethics Aesthetics To be explicit all triads begin with the First which is the vague but complete realm of signs the Second which is the blunt truth that rises from  our fallibility our finitude our need to interpret the signs and the Third which is always the product  of the first two morphing into rules or hypotheses or intentioons from whence proofs and habits arise so that our being here mirrors reality STACKED IMAGES - SIGN THEORYTop image Firstis Reality (Vague indistinct penumbral)
Second is Clarity (the process of identifying a sign and  putting it into words and wrestling with its value and prospects for realization)
Third is Activity (habits rules hypotheses proofs)Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store