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How We Might Prevail over An Uncompromising Congress Tea Party

Triadic Thinking Applied to The PresentTop Image One
FIRST (A seeming continuation of the same impotence that creates a monotonous sense of stasis and ruination of our economy and polity)Middle Image Two
SECOND (The existence within Congress of a recalcitrant force whose object is to disable government regardless of consequences and its isolation asthe force to be overcome)
Bottom Image Three
THIRD (Since there is a majority that does not desire the destructive outcome our effort must  be with open eyes to to note the truth of the above and flag its minority status and drive home the precedence of a winning majority over party politics)
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Tao of John 12 - Miracles are no big deal But misinterpretation kills

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The Seer knew a truth that few could see Abundance can be achieved easily To make do and to share in simple ways Instead he was beset by peoples' praise
Science at its best spawns miracles like second nature no big deal So too the Seer but the people fail to see This blindness is persistent it survives it spawns our world of inequalityStephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

Triadic Philosophy Stacked Images Helpfulness Selfishness Mindfulness

Triadic philosophy builds out infinitely from the initial triadReality Ethics Aesthetics using threes (triads) to denote a progression  from sign (word) to blunt truth, or limitation or qualification to hypothetical action (actuality guess attempt a stab at creating a rule or a habit) Seeing life as this seemingly endless elaboration of  the way we actually do things
FirstHelpfulness (Helpfulness is an ontological value along with democracy and tolerance By inference it is understood to emerge from the penumbra we call Reality or being or existence (what rises always in the mind) Helpfulness denotes a spectrum of actions that are social and communal and ultimately universal )
SecondSelfishness (Selfishness is actually the end result of nominalist and binary thinking limited by seeing the self as a sort of be and end all This does not accord with reality but it acts as a powerful brake on helpfulness and cannot be dispatched with ease)
ThirdMindfulness (Mindfulness is th…