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Triadic Philosophy - Wish Reality Actuality

+ Triadic Philosophy is an easily acquired mode of thinking It sees things in triads or threes like this initial oneReality Ethics Aesthretics It starts with the First  a sign or word or symbol or icon something rising up in consciousness To even have life  the First must encounter the Second which is human reality AKA blunt truth AKA an interpretation of the firstl term or sign Finally there is the Third the recognition of the initial dyad seeing it as a summons to experiment or act +THE IMAGES ABOVE +FirstWish (A wish in this triad is raw and  unexamined an impulse an urge) +SecondReality (Reality confronts the wish and seeks to explain it in terms related to intention and  feasibility to what we call reality) +ThirdActuality (Actuality results from linking wish with reality  It defines the initial wish in terms of what one actually desires It often turns out that the wish must now be scaled to results at once more possible and  on analysis  more pleasing when realized)Stephen'…

Tao of John 19 - The Seer's Messianic Attributes Must Be Balanced with The Goodness of His Deeds

The Seer's deeds are not made prominent Instead the messianic haze is raised Exclusive speculation rambles on And in the end the Seer ends up praised + To wrestle with the messianic heart of the New Testament text  is easy enough for the non-believer But what if the critic is one who wishes to vindicate and hold up the true universality of the Seer and his way The deeds of the Seer are vouched for in John but you could not list them beyond a few gauzy miracles What predominates is what predominated within a few generations back then It was easier to create a supposition about the Seer  that would conform with the priestly dictates of religion than to acknowledge that the Seer meant to change human beings in this life and and to change the world +Stephen's Remarkable Kindle Store

Triadic Philosophy - Will Memory Now

We all have a freely choosing willWe all have oft-daunting memoriesThe only place we live is in the nowAnd only now can give us our release
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