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The Four Ontological Values of Abba's Way

We live with Abba That would sound pathological if I did not believe that Abba is one way to talking about the divine spark in all Abba is one with ontological values in all
Abba signifies these universal ontological values Willing these creates porogressDemocracy meaning universal rightsTolerance meaning strength to temper judgmentHelpfulness meaning putting others ahead of meNon-idolatry meaning worshiping nothing on this planet

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Adam suffers the first of several full-blown panic attacks

Excerpt from The Complete History of Adam Panflick A Kindle Book Book Eight

It’s Chicago. April. 1965. The Panflicks — Adam, Ganya and the two kids — are settled in at 2422 North Orchard. Adam has sometimes wondered why they have had seven residences in the five years of their marriage, but the idea of remaining nomadic seems far-fetched. They are more settled now than ever.
Night falls.
Adam is lying in bed reading TIME. He and Ganya playfully fight over who gets first read. Adam flips to the religion section to see if he is quoted this week. In the 1960s “Protestant” and “establishment” are synonymous. Despite the late JFK. Yes, there Adam is in a TIME story on urban churches. Don Benedict is quoted too.
A recent lunch at Jacques French Restaurant. Some pearls of wisdom passed to TIME’s Miriam Rumwell. Her notebook. Then this.
Time to sleep.
Ganya is still reading Joseph Campbell. She raises the name of John Dee, a genius of yore. Adam knows where this is going. He is not interested.

New Ideas for Post-Sandy Construction - Revised 11/29/2012

+ Do not rebuild rethink Imagine a flood and plan beyond its reach
Post-Sandy construction should be an opportunity tocreate new concepts of building and community
Among the concepts to consider
Either raise structures or move them to higher ground
Create new mass-prodsuced pre-fabricated smart surfaces - walls floors ceilings streets 
Create matrix's (skeletal structures) to support walls and other surfacesand to carry all elements in and out of  living and working spaces
Stop building individual houses and imagine something past repeated apartments - create spaces for community life
Ultimately the space occupied by a stadiun could become a livingand working community for 5-10K people 
If a community is dense enough it can be car-freewith most everything in walking distance
When ways are clear they can be used for other than automobile transportationmoving surfaces rides etc
Rooms and other spaces like cars shouldbecome standard models made remotely and deliveredin easily assembled…