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We live in square mile wastelands everywhere I go I see the open spaces moulder in the sun

+ We live in square mile wastelands Everywhere I go I see the open spaces like ruins left to moulder 'neath the sun And I see built around them the relics of a past where building was corrupted retro and where we treated people like things or consumers fish mouths open  sucking in the detritus of our dismal plastic sea + I see these square mile wastelands  turning into stadiums not for teams of Yankees but for all of us to live in walk in work in' enjoy in to get education in to lie sick in bed in  a block or so from home to go to school in  in 100 separate places  to spawn new economies to be sheltered from the flood storms impervious to wind storms Where public is so nice that folk just want to sit there and write their thoughts on tables eat there drink there + I see a rising cluster of such new communities filling up these lost and desolate square miles half medieval cities half  pre-fab custom spaces where walls are thin as paper sound proof as castle walls  Where stairs…

Dear Jeff Bezos, here's your big idea. You can do this.

Jeff Bezos - Forbes
Jeff you told Charlie Rose you wanted to do something no one else has done Alright Do this
Hire a team to design a prototype of what I have called a cyber-communityA diverse multi-purpose community of around 10K persons  car-free with urban amenities where one lives and works and recreates.  The design should have the following components The community should be compact  no more than a mile from side to side It should have no stairs and no more than four levels It should be built to withstand flood fire and extreme weather It should generate and distribute  the bulk of its own energy It should collect much of its energy  in the form of wind and sun It  should be prefabricated Its surfaces and walls should be smart and dupllicable and easily replaceable A cyber community of this sort would have residences and work spaces and all the public and commercial elements we associate with urban life scaled to the needs of the particular community S…