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Panflick Bully Wars 1947 - Adam needed to get out. He itched. He was dead bored.

+ Adam Panflick stared into the darkness. He could hear the drone of Maldbar's voice in the background. But it was fading fast, as his own thoughts began to take hold. This was ParousiaAcademy's last class on Friday in the last week of March, 1947.  Adam needed to get out. He itched. He was dead bored. Throughout his capacious 10-year-old mind, there echoed a steady chant: Out of this building! Out now! Out now! I can't take this! Out now! Out now! The location of Adam's desk encouraged his habitual distraction. It stood by a window. Through the window lay freedom.  The desk itself was made of sturdy wood with a top that raised. Underneath lay a welter of notebooks, pencils and pens, a jar of ink, Tootsie Roll wrappers, gnawed pencils and pieces of erasers that had fallen victim to Adam's tendency to chew and pick at everything. In the rubble lay a handsome leather bound volume. Looking out, Adam could barely see the athletic field a floor below.  A scene from…

Locating Peirce's Division of Signs - Icons, Indices Symbols

In my Triadic Philosophy the base triad isReality Ethics Aesthetics Peirce felt all thought is in signs and his triadic relations of performance or fact are Icons Indices Symbols An Icon points to but need not represent its object (Nike comes to mind) An index relates to the object it represents A symbol stands in some way for what it represents Peirce divided his base triads according to kinds facts and laws
Triadic Philosophy accepts all triads as spurs to thought but builds on  Reality Ethics and Aesthetics Reality covers the limit the mind has reached within the continuity of our  existence It is what we can perceive measure and describe It is not supposition It is boundaryless and yet limited by our common fallibility and its chronological continuity
The Semiotic in Triadic Philosophy describes the manifold nature of reality as it manifests itself and in this context Peirce's categorical triads function as modes of knowing The uses of triads within Triadic Pholospophy ar…