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Triadic Philosophy -Ethics and Destiny A Brief Meditation

Ethics in Triadic Philosophy is the Second  in the foundation triadReality Ethics Aesthetics It is always a brake a thus-far-and-(maybe)-no-farther a summons to wrestle with the reality of the moment Destiny is a First It is an aspect of Being  of Ontological Reality It is what signifies a particular life within the vast complex of all lives It has authority because it is real It needs and wants and deserves to be realized But in Triadic PhilosophyDestiny and Ethics wrestle The result is a resolution within the third realm which is Aesthetics our hypothetical experimental effort to realize our lives in a way that resonates aesthetically
Ethics poses to Destinyfour ontological values  which enable us to mould our hypothesis  or plan of action to  permit an aesthetic response something we can see with pleasure and acceptance
Let us say one's destiny is to be a rebel The four values are tolerance democracy helpfulness and non-idolatry They summon us to strain our rebellion throug…

Union Theological Seminary - How looking back reveals a sense of implacable rebellion

If I look back honestly at my days at Union Theological Seminary I almost reject the notion of influence and substitute "what I learned" from my encounters during that period. Influence I reserve for the context I infer from reading Harold Bloom. Charles Sanders Peirce influences me. Shakespeare influences me. Learning results from encounters that tell you something about yourself or the world. Like - that's not for me. Or - that works! At Union I learned a good deal about what I did not cotton to. I rejected large chunks of the piety that I perceived in the religious observances there. I rejected much of the teaching that seemed to me rote. I learned the most perhaps from conversations with Tom Driver who taught me that a conversation is what I now see as a three - a triad. It goes back and forth and emerges in a third beyond the two of us. In my whole lifetime, these conversations have been rare. With Harold Gomberg in Italy in 1956. It got me into painting. To seeing…